About Us

Eventistry is a full-service event planning company based in Klang Valley. Previously known as The Wedding Project and The Party Project Malaysia, we took a big step to rebrand ourselves as Eventistry in 2019.

We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations by bringing your celebration visions to life while focusing on socially responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Whether you are looking to find a few meaningful ways to green your event or you aspire to create a low-waste celebration, come chat with us about it! 

Why #sustainableevents?

Research shows that the average wedding creates about 272 kgs waste, 63 tons CO2 emissions and 3 tons mining waste. While these numbers may not seem very relatable to some of us, what really hit home for us here at Eventistry was when we saw for ourselves the amount of waste that’s left discarded at the site after each event, and that there are other wastes that our naked eyes couldn’t see. It dawned upon us that as event planners, we are very much in a position to help reduce our earth’s carbon footprint by proposing creative alternatives without compromising on our clients’ dream celebrations needs.

How do we do it?

Essentially, here at Eventistry, this means we advocate a modest, non-wasteful nor excessive celebration but what you’ll expect from us is a responsibly planned celebration without compromising on your style.

“Keep your eyes on what truly matters, and try to keep your course steered to the fact that it’s a celebration of love, not excess.” Anna Lisa

DWHA Gold Award for Top Twenty Luxury Planners of the World, 2019

Top 10 Event Planners in Malaysia, 2018

Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Planners - Tallypress, 2016

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