There’s so much I could tell you about me, but I suppose that you just need the essentials. ;)

My name is Laverne. I was born in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I have a degree in Software Engineering and my all-time-favourite module in college was Creative Design. I’m married to my husband, Jin Chong and together, we have a son, Samuel and a beagle we named Robyn. I love the sun, the sky, the beach and all things beautiful.

I have worked in several different industries prior but have always felt happiest creating events and parties that invoke a sense of joy in others. With my experience in operational planning and event management for the past 10 years, I am well known, personally and professionally, for seeking perfection in everything I do and am fully committed to see things through to the end.

There is no single approach to the perfect dress, ceremony or reception, however, getting married the way you have always dreamed of is what I strive to help you create. My passion is to help happy couples like you craft a wedding that is uniquely yours.

Connect with me:

Facebook: @lavernechee
Instagram: @lavernelavernelaverne