Karen & CP – A Love That Gives

Number of Guests: 91 Venue: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre & Samira by Asian Terence Decoration: LYS Wedding & Event Styling Catering: Craft Coffee Roasters Dinner Reception: Samira by Asian Terrace Wedding Cake: The Cakescape Photography: Louis Gan Photography Hair and Makeup: Agnes Yip Favors: Eats, Shoots & Roots Bouquet: Flomen.co Live Band: The Raw […]

A Guide To Registering Your Marriage (ROM)

Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing more important than your wedding day is your ROM day, a.k.a. your registration of marriage. The affair doesn’t have to be ever so serious and formal. In fact, it only seems scary because of the whole legal element – but it doesn’t have to be this way. You might […]

Party To Go Promo

While social distancing has placed many limitations on group gatherings and celebrations, it doesn’t mean we have to cancel life. Pivoting to adapt to the new normal, our team has specially curated the “Party To Go” (PTG) initiative – a package of personalized party essentials for you to have a beautiful celebration in the convenience […]

Karen & CP – A Love That Gives

We believe that nature could really use some breathing room from the relentless strain it’s constantly under because of mankind. All of us have our own roles to play in this fight to save the planet from ourselves. And for Eventistry, that role has and will always be sustainable events! It is on that note […]