Karen & CP – A Love That Gives

We believe that nature could really use some breathing room from the relentless strain it’s constantly under because of mankind. All of us have our own roles to play in this fight to save the planet from ourselves. And for Eventistry, that role has and will always be sustainable events! It is on that note […]

Micro Weddings: Small in Size, Large at Heart

What is a Micro Wedding? A micro wedding is an intimate small- scale wedding, usually with no more than 50 attendees. It still retains the elements of a traditional wedding which includes a venue, photographer, decor and more, but kept simple without the additional fuss that comes with a larger celebration. Why Should You Consider […]

Ways To Celebrate Kids Birthday During Social Distancing

With social distancing practices in place, many party plans had to be downgraded to smaller home celebrations. Though this can be disappointing news for the kids, celebrating at home doesn’t have to end in another boring day. To all parents, here are some fun-filled ideas to brighten up your little one’s big day in the comfort of home!