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Engage in a non-messy & amazingly fun playtime with your little one with our Baby Sensory Kit. Our sensory kit is carefully handmade to help your child explore & connect with their newly-developed senses. Embark on a fun-filled (and mess-free) sensory play experience with us and never miss an important milestone for your little one.

What’s In The Sensory Kit?
x1 Rainbow Colors Jar
x1 Dino-Mite Shaker
x1 Ocean In A Bottle
x1 Playdough Sensory Mat

Age Guide & Safety
Suitable for Newborns from 3 Months to a year old

Our sensory kit is made from 100% natural & non-toxic materials and ingredients that is safe for your little one’s playtime. Each individual sensory jars are glued to safety. We advise adult supervision at all times.

Care Guide
Regularly clean & wipe the surface of sensory jars with a damp cloth and let dry after playtime. Do not open jar lids as our sensory jars are glued to safety. We do recommend checking for leakage of the sensory jars & mat before every playtime.

Made For Learning

Be there for your child in each of their important development milestones through mindful sensory play. Our Baby Sensory Kit is designed to help your child develop important senses including:

  • Cognitive Skills – Your little one will start responding to gentle sounds experienced during their playtime
  • Language Skills – Learn through playtime by asking questions to your little one or describing an object
  • Fine Motor Skills – Glancing at a colourful object, or grabbing our sensory jars during playtime
  • Social & Emotional Skills – Expressing what they are experiencing and feeling during playtime

Sensory jars are also a great way to introduce sensory play in a non-messy way. Get ready for a fun-sized educational playtime – all packed inside a jar!

What Are The Colours Of The Rainbow?

Watch the rainbow colours turn & swirl as you roll the bottle across the floor. Lay your baby on his/her back as you hold our Rainbow Colors Jar up to the light and watch the colors pop! Encourage your little one to hold their hands up and catch the rainbow. 

Baby Dino Stomping Through!

Your little one will be intrigued by the gentle sounds made by our Dino-Mite Shaker as they roll it around. Dino-Mite shaker is great for tummy time as your baby crawls and tries to grab the jar. 

Gentle Waves Of The Ocean

Get mesmerized as you watch the soft blue & white color beads gently floating in the bottle. Our Ocean In A Bottle will help calm your baby’s breathing as they observe Mr. Turtle swimming through the ocean!

Red, Yellow, and Black Makes A
Colourful Sensory Play

Our Baby Sensory Kit also comes with a sensory mat that will allow you to bring sensory play wherever you go!

Inside the sealed-safe sensory mat are handmade pom poms of contrasting colours to help stimulate your little one’s sensory skills. Sensory mats are completely baby-safe and great for tummy time as your little one explores this fun-packed sensory mat!

More About The Baby Sensory Kit



  • 3 Months – 1 Year


  • Dino-Mite Shaker Sensory Jar
    – Handmade contrasting coloured beads with mini Dinosaur for gentle sounds during playtime
  • Rainbow Colors Jar
    – Rainbow coloured water beads to spark interest & stimulate baby’s senses
  • Ocean In A Bottle
    – Handmade Blue & White pom poms soaked in water with toy turtle
  • Sensory Mat
    – Handmade red, yellow, and black pom poms for contrasting colours filled with water sealed in an air-tight sensory bag
  • Development Zones
    – Making & responding to gentle sounds
    – Rolling & grasping toys during tummy time
    – Visually exploring & glancing at colours
    – Calming breath during playtime

Packaging & Product Dimensions

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Care Guide

  • All sensory jars & mat have been glued to safety. Hence, it is advised not to attempt to open lids of sensory toys
  • Wipe toys with a damp cloth thoroughly and air dry in an open space
  • Store toys in a safe environment and avoid direct sunlight
  • Regularly check for leakage before each playtime
  • Adult supervision during playtime is advised

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