4 Simple Ways To Create Your Own Styled Photoshoots At Home

Year 2020 without a doubt had been a daunting year for a lot of us. With safety measures and travel restrictions in place, many couples saw to their dream wedding plans either being postponed, or having to make major adjustments – for the health of their loved ones.

Photo courtesy of Trees On The Moon

Despite having to go through changes this year in the wedding industry, we definitely saw the silver lining through it all: more intimate wedding settings that allowed couples to celebrate and be fully present with their loved ones, and technological tools that helped bring together relatives from afar.

This year, keeping in mind the needs of couples, we have brainstormed, and sat through countless of ideas trying to still keep our couples’ wedding dreams alive. And, of course, Styled Shoot was one of the many things in our list that had crossed our minds.

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Perhaps year 2020 hadn’t been an icing on the cake, Styled Shoots is a fun, budget-friendly way to still capture your love stories and keep it as personal mementos (plus points for minimal traveling!). We’ve kept it simple for you by listing down these 4 Simple Ways To Create Your Own Styled Photoshoots – that even you can do it in your own backyard:

1. What’s Your Story?

Photo courtesy of Jens KV

Having a memorable styled shoot goes all the way back down to the basics: how it all started. Some good questions to start with are: How did the both of you first met? What did you do on your first date together? What gift did you brought for the first time to your special someone?

Questions like these are helpful in setting up your styled shoot for things, such as, props and locations. And when you’re looking back at these photos, it’ll sure to make you smile and reminiscence the good ol’ times!

Our Love Is… portraiture covers locations from Kuala Lumpur, Sabah and Malacca. If you’re looking for something closer to home, share your stories with us and we’re sure to relive your special moments again.

2. Have a Unified Colour Palette

Say goodbye to long gowns and formal wears. Instead, opt for casual wear that has recently been a trend these days! Here’s a quick tip: a unified colour palette does the trick to gel the photoshoot together. Here are a few colour palettes that you can consider:

1. White

Photo courtesy of Ndrew Photography

2. Warm

Photo courtesy of Ndrew Photography

3. Cool

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kok Moments

Once you’ve settled with your colour pallets, get matching outfits and your Styled Shoots are sure to look gorgeous!

Leave the hassle to the experts with our Love Is… All-inclusive Personalized Styled Shoot where we will help you with the concept and styling to ensure your shoot is a flawless one!

3. Find a Centerpiece

Getting a good centrepiece to your shoot creates a focal point for the viewer’s eye, keeping the photo looking neat and minimal. Some centrepiece ideas includes balloons, flowers, a tree, or even like this traditional Rumah Melaka in our recent shoot:

Photo courtesy of Jens KV

You can add personal touches to your centerpieces by choosing one that translate your love story to the viewers! Whether if you met your special someone back in hometown, or if the both of you share a common love for nature – taking your time to think about a centerpiece is definitely worth the homework to make your Styled Shoot a meaningful one. And remember, less is more!

Photo courtesy of Patrick Kok Moments

4. Find Creative Ways to Keep Your Photos!

Photo by Rirri on Unsplash

What’s great about having a Styled Shoot is that the photos are yours to keep – forever! While saving your photos on cloud is a great way to keep your photos, try thinking out of the box like printing your photos and making your own personal photo album. Or frame it and you’ll get to relive your moments every day and share it with your loved ones.

What better way to capture your memories and have it last forever!

Your love stories and meaningful memories are a treasure to us. Share your stories with us – we promise to keep your memories as authentic as it can be.

Love Is… is an All-inclusive Personalized Styled Shoot covering Concept, Styling & Décor, Photography, and Hair & Make-up. Reach out to us at hello@eventistry.my – we’d be glad to make your dream styled shoot happen!

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