Venue: Verve Suites KL South
Photography: Manoj Photography
Flower Bouquet: Flomen
Catering: Chef Aisyah Khadri
Concept, Styling & Coordination: Eventistry

Love often stems from unexpected places.

Erica and Chun Hean worked at the same place and used to carpool to work together. Their relationship became closer and closer until they realized their feelings for each other. It was then that they started dating, and built a loving relationship together. Fast forward to 2020, and Chun Hean has decided that he wants to ask Erica to spend the rest of their lives together as a married couple!

Erica is a huge dog person. In fact, the pair have been living together for over 3 years with their American Cocker Spaniel named Noodle. It was for this reason that Chun Hean decided that including Noodle in his proposal would make the moment even more special. The three of them were a happy little family, after all! The proposal letter was sealed in an envelope and attached to Noodle to give Erica the surprise of a lifetime.

Chun Hean had in mind an intimate proposal inside their own home. The decor reflected this sentiment; fairy lights glittered from the window panels and the floor was scattered with artificial flower petals. LED battery operated candles of varying heights stood on either side of the room; it made for an enchantingly romantic atmosphere. The bouquet was a beautiful mix of beige and dusty pink.

A table stood beside them as they ate, bearing pictures of the happy couple along with cute pet-related anecdotes. Petals were strewn across the surface, completing a romantic set-up for their dinner date.

The plan was simple: the couple arrives home and Erica is surprised with the decor. She finds the letter attached to Noodle, and Chun Hean then proposes to her. The sweet proposal went exactly as planned, and the couple was engaged before the end of the day!

Afterward, they both enjoy a private dinner for two. Japanese cuisine is Erica’s absolute favorite, and we sought out Chef Aisyah Khadri because this was her specialty!  

Including pets in a proposal can make for a unique and heartfelt experience. Although, It can be quite challenging sometimes. Here are some tips to make sure your pet and proposal go hand in hand (or paw in paw):

  • Attach the engagement ring to the collar.
  • Order a customized sweater for the dog or create a special dog tag.
  • Loosely hang a sign from the dog’s neck, like Noodle!
  • You can even use a trail of dog treats for mischievous dogs.
  • Make sure that you plan your proposal in a familiar, controlled environment. You wouldn’t want your pup to run off to chase a squirrel while you’re at the park, ring in tow!
  • Plan the proposal according to your pet’s capabilities. If your dog is unpredictable when it comes to following instructions like “sit” or “stay”, it might not be the best idea to attach a ring to their collar. 
  • It doesn’t have to be just dogs! Cats or bunnies can make adorable messengers for your proposal. Make sure you plan accordingly with the type of pet you have, though; you wouldn’t want your bunny rabbit to start nibbling away at the ring!

Home proposals have many benefits – it’s way more affordable than proposing at a restaurant or on vacation. Plus, you have more creative freedom at home! There are also no outside interferences like there would be in a public place. If you’re considering a private proposal, there are some strong points for consideration. 

There’s no reason that a private proposal should lack any creative flair! Here are some tips for making your home proposal special:

  • Decorate your walls: Imagine your would-be fiance swooning at the “will you marry me” sign on the wall!
  • Pamper your partner:  You could create a spa-like experience leading up to the big question! Cook their favourite meal, draw a warm and relaxing bath surrounded by tranquil scents, candles and flowers, put on some soothing music… The possibilities are endless.
  • Pet proposal: Consider asking your furry friend for a helping paw, like Noodle!

While there are lots of benefits of having a home proposal, there are also some challenges to consider for it. Worry not – you can overcome them easily with the following tips:

  • Timing: if you want a private proposal at home, make sure your loved one has plenty of time free of work and other responsibilities. You wouldn’t want conflicting schedules to ruin your plans!  
  • Capturing the moment: You can set up a tripod in the room if you want just the two of you to be there. Just be sure to check the camera angles in advance to capture your significant other’s full expression.
  • And lastly, have a backup plan in case your partner decides to change their usual routine at the last minute!

It is always wonderful to be a part of celebrating a love as endearing as Erica and Chun Hean’s (and Noodle’s, of course!)
All of us at Eventistry wish them a bright and happy future.