Shareen and Aaron come from very different (but equally wonderful) backgrounds! She is Chindian while her fiancé is American. Their wedding day started with Shareen getting ready for the celebrations with her family and bridesmaids at the hotel. After dressing up for the big day, the bride and groom attended their tea ceremony with their loved ones. It’s a tradition in Chinese culture to have one when getting married, and they did so to honor Shareen’s Chinese roots! The dinner reception was held at the eclectic Glass House Seputeh. The venue was full of lush greenery and natural light, giving the wedding a pleasantly green atmosphere. Fairy lights streamed above the guests in rows, setting a mood reminiscent of a starry, twinkling sky. A beautiful wooden arch adorned with leaves and flowers stood tall where Shareen and Aaron were to get married. As the time of the ceremony fast approached, the bride arrived at the glasshouse where her father was ready to walk her in. The march-in began and Shareen’s dad took her hand and led her towards the end of the wedding aisle, where Aaron eagerly waited to wed the love of his life. The moment was finally here! Everyone applauded as Shareen and Aaron tied the knot. Elated family and friends threw red petals over them as they marched out after the ceremony! The backdrop maintained a simple design to go with the glasshouse’s natural theme. A rustic brick wall featured as the backdrop for the wedding photos, with the words “happily ever after” emblazoned in glittering gold on foamboard. The main table was decorated with a variety of beautiful pink and white flowers. Gold candle holders added a pop of color to the decor and a shimmery champagne table cloth topped it off with a touch of elegance. After a heartfelt ceremony, the bride changed from her traditional white wedding dress to a Cheongsam: a feminine dress with distinctive Chinese features. It was another creative nod towards Shareen’s Chinese background! Now that the couple had wed, it was time to celebrate! Everyone took part in “the shoe game”; a famous wedding game where both the bride and groom exchange one of their shoes with each other while keeping one of their own and hold them while facing back to back. Next, a series of questions are asked with the answer being either the “the bride” or “the groom.” The bride and groom answer by holding up their respective shoe of the correct answer! It was a fun game to celebrate the newlywed couple’s funny quirks and habits. Many laughs were shared, and wonderful memories were created. As the night carried on, Shareen and Aaron ended the party with lovely speeches and dancing; a perfect end to such a special night! We took immense pleasure in being a part of this lovely couple’s celebration of their love toward each other. We wish them a future where that love continues to blossom and flourish. We would like to wish our best wishes and congratulations to Shareen and Aaron!