Photography: Jenny Sun
Videography: Beni Films
Planning & Coordination: Eventistry
Venue: St Mary Church & One World Hotel
Winery: Fermented Grape Juice
Gown: La Fame & Very Taipei
Make-up Artist: Jovina
Reception Decorator: Event Diaries
Bride & Groom: Ramon & Deanna

Life works in mysterious ways. Two souls in two different parts of the world, thousands of miles away, find their way to each other despite the odds. What we’re left with is a beautiful connection of love.

This is just a taste of Ramon and Deanna’s beautiful story. The pair’s fates got intertwined from two different corners of the world; Ramon from Dubai, and Deanna from Malaysia. Now, they’ve come to us to help them celebrate their wedding, after which they will both begin their journey as a married couple together in Dubai.

The big day is finally here. It’s usually the bride that comes to mind when the morning of the wedding is mentioned, which begs the question: what’s the experience like for the groom?  For the most part, grooms usually take less time to get ready for the wedding. We can imagine Ramon spent more time hanging out with his groomsmen and talking to his family than putting on his suit and tie!

St Mary’s Cathedral is where Ramon and Deanna chose to start building their lives together in front of their loved ones. The 19th century church greeted its inhabitants with high arching ceilings and an aura of grandeur. A crimson carpet ushered the couple towards the priest waiting to marry them; it brought to life the many musings that dream weddings were made of. It was here, on 29th June 2019, that Ramon and Deanna stepped into the rest of their lives as intertwined souls.

As one could imagine, it was during the ceremony that emotions ran high. Many happy tears were shed; the most of which was by no surprise from the happy couple. It was evident for everyone to see that Ramon and Deanna were beyond elated to get married.

Read more about our favorite elements from this wedding decor:

Feature backdrop: Blush pink and maroon roses played a huge part in the event decor; an artificial flower wall featured as the backdrop for the wedding reception. The assortment of roses that adorned the wall gave the wedding’s atmosphere the perfect mix of classy and lively!

Photo Gallery Table: Wooden and gold accent frames were utilized to further compliment the wedding reception’s vintage and oriental themes. Hard-cover books, Victorian style candle holders and scrolls, among other vintage items, added more character and depth to the table. Lastly, a shimmering champagne table cloth was the pièce de résistance that pulled all of these elements together to complete an alluring photo gallery table.

When it comes to weddings, the sense of smell isn’t the first sensation considered. But why not? People often underestimate the power that an olfactory experience can have over them. A familiar scent can transport a person years back to a specific memory.

It is for this very reason that the trend of scenting weddings is catching on. It simply provides for a more intimate and immersive experience; people can commemorate the wedding in a completely different dimension. So how perfect is it that Deanna’s livelihood is steeped in this very practice? Her job involves providing aromas and scents for various venues. Her boss graciously put together a chance for her to create her own signature scent for the wedding – what a unique wedding gift!

If you’re not careful, weddings can generate a lot of waste and damage our environment. As an adamant supporter of sustainable event planning, we are here to minimize that waste as much as possible. It was increasingly pleasant to find out that Ramon and Deanna shared in our sentiments. The couple chose a venue in Petaling Jaya that was centralized for their guests in order to minimize travel. It was also at this same venue that the overseas guests stayed, meaning they didn’t have to drive or get a ride all the way down to another venue just for the wedding reception. Ramon and Deanna also arranged for vans to transport their guests to and from the church where they had their wedding ceremony. This prevented countless more vehicles and Grab riders from driving each guest separately.

It’s also important to prioritize sustainability when it comes to gifts for the bridesmaids. While packaging the gifts for Deanna’s bridesmaids in eco-friendly material was an excellent idea. There are many other ways to make these gifts sustainable too. Here are some creative ideas for you:

  • All-natural soy or beeswax candles
  • Organic and vegan soap sets
  • Handmade jewelry made from recycled metals, vintage or raw cut jewels
  • Bridesmaids robes and scarves made of sustainable textiles like eco-dyed bamboo fabrics.
  • Tote bags are all the rage right now; you could gift your girlfriends ones made from recycled canvas – these will always come in handy for a quick trip to the supermarket or a casual lunch!

It is always a pleasure to contribute to moments as beautiful and moving as the ones that Ramon and Deanna shared during their wedding.

We at Eventistry wish you both an eternity of love and joy together!