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Weddings are now allowed starting next month, July 1st! While we know many #coronacouples were overjoyed and relieved to hear the news, the next thing that comes to mind are the SOPs to follow for the wedding. At least for the time being, weddings are going to look a little different and the “new wedding norm” will definitely require some creative designing. How do you enhance the guest experience while still ensuring social distancing is practiced? Here we share some tips and ideas that will hopefully spark some inspiration!

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Cocktail Area

Pre – dinner cocktail sessions are usually a time for your guests to mix and mingle before the reception. Guests usually stand close to each other and crowd around high- top cocktail tables which may not be the best to ensure physical distancing. Adding a few low tables with three to four seats set apart is a good start as this allows your guests to spread out. For a more beautiful aesthetic, consider setting up lounge furniture to create seating areas that break up larger open spaces. With this design, you are able to ensure social distancing with the seating, control how many guests gather in the given area while adding a whole new look to your wedding!

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Signage at weddings are now more important than ever! With multiple rules to adhere to, a great way to direct your guests is placing signs at key areas to send out clear messages. Social distancing markers on the floor can help “inform” your guests to keep their distance while queuing for their drinks at the bar or for a photo at the photo booth.  You can also get creative with puns and funny phrases on your signage. Instead of putting up a “Sanitize your hands” sign at the registration table, you can say “Spread love, not germs”!

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Seating Chart

Putting up a seating chart or having your helpers inform guests of their seats at the registration area can lead to overcrowding at one spot. Consider having multiple seating charts spread across the cocktail reception to allow guests to find their own seating at their own leisure without crowding. An even better alternative is to inform your guests on their seating beforehand through text so they won’t have to search for it on the day which also helps with controlling the crowd and easing traffic flow.

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Intimate Seating

Couples have always credited guest seating arrangements as one of the most tedious aspects in planning a wedding, and current restrictions may just further complicate things. Not to worry, intimate seating might just be a way to solve your guest seating challenges. A huge ballroom with 250 guests can look cavernous with only a few large banquet tables. Seating couples and family groups at smaller bistro style tables not only separates them from other guests but also fills the negative space in the room. You and your partner can consider a sweetheart table as well, a small seating just fit for the both of you!

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Directing Traffic

You would want to ensure that traffic flows as smoothly as possible as this would help prevent crowding and enhance the overall guest experience. Consider taking into account readily available structures at the venue or décor to create decorative physical barriers to separate guests. Not only does décor add beauty to your wedding, they can also double function as barriers to guide guest movement. Plants, décor pieces and structures can be strategically placed to move guests in a desired direction or to space out seating. Keeping your budget minimal, we would also highly suggest to re-purpose décor from your ceremony session for your reception.

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