25th October 2019

Venue: Tirtha Bridal

Planning: Eventistry

Coordination: Tirtha Bridal

Photography: Gusde Photography

Videography: Evermotion

Hair & Makeup: Mariko

Personal Flowers: Fleur

Bride & Groom: Daphne & Milton

Of all the places that they’ve traveled together, Bali was one they just couldn’t seem to get over. Prior to their engagement, Daphne and Milton visited Bali on multiple occasions together and with each trip they fell more and more in love with the island. When the two finally got engaged, they knew just the place to begin their next chapter in life together! Popularly known as the gem of Balinese wedding venues, Tirtha Bridal Uluwatu was set to be the heart of this destination wedding. Right at the southern cliff top of the island, The Glass Chapel at Uluwatu was whimsical and breathtaking with its pure white interior, dripping crystal chandeliers and bright sun rays beaming through glass panels. Natural lighting illuminated the intimate space leading up to a scenic nature view right outside the chapel. Anyone who stepped into the chapel were left in awe of its beauty! Like a scene from a movie, Daphne and Milton poured out their love and devotion for each other under clear heavenly skies overlooking an infinite ocean view. Their binding words “I do” echoed from the altar to all corners of the chapel walls, touching the hearts of all close ones present. Love filled the room and the couple as well as their guests couldn’t hold back heartfelt tears as the two were finally united in marriage. The newly pronounced husband and wife stepped out of the chapel brimming with pure bliss, as friends and family rejoiced showering the newlyweds with rose petals and endless smiles! Glowing with joy and excitement, Daphne was without a doubt the most beautiful person in the room that day. Dressed in a halter lace fit- and- flare, her bridal look was completed with off- the- shoulder sheer sleeves and matching fingertip tulle veil. The sweeping floor- length sleeves, which Daphne also calls her “wings”, are completely detachable! It was a unique feature custom designed to create two different looks with one gown. Breaking the common myth that a bride should have few attire changes, Daphne graced her wedding ceremony and dinner reception in two distinct looks with just one dress. Giving off an angelic and elegant aura with her wings drifting in the breeze as she walked down the aisle; looking laid-back and classy in its original ensemble dancing through the night with her loved ones. Without having to spend extra on bridal attires and more time to spare with no dress change, a transformative gown is a modern and sustainable approach that we highly recommend to all brides out there! With such a lovely celebration in a dreamlike location, every moment was a photo- worthy occasion! Surrounded by blooming greenery and blue waters coupled with warm sunset lighting, the bride and groom made sure not to miss a single photo opportunity. Capturing the memorable day at various picturesque spots around the venue; be it by the chapel front or amidst the pampas grass covered cliff, every shot was simply enchanting! Time to feast! Daphne and Milton continued to celebrate their union that night with an intimate reception at the open- spaced dining pavilion. Just beside the glass chapel, the venue was perfect as it was also convenient for their guests. As guests were spread out in different accommodations across the island, the couple wanted a single venue for both sessions to minimize traveling. Over dinner, a few heartwarming words were shared, the pair cut their 3- tier wedding cake and guests toasted to the joyous affair. The couple also nailed their first dance as husband and wife under the stars! After months of practice attending dance lessons, Daphne and Milton were more than happy to show off their first dance to all their guests. Their moves were smooth and effortless; it soon got everyone excited and one by one guests began joining the couple on stage to party! It was a night to remember, one that the both would cherish forever. It was truly an adventure for us planning Daphne and Milton’s weddings. Yes you read it correctly, weddings… From our meetings with the pair in KL to their Bali wedding followed by their lunch reception in Muar, it was a humble milestone for us successfully pulling off two destination affairs in one sitting! Though it wasn’t an easy feat, the couple’s kindness, generosity and sincerity made working with them that much more fun and enjoyable. They treated us as friends during our time together and often reminded us to hit them up for a meal whenever we’re in Muar. Daphne and Milton, we’ll never forget your kind words and appreciation, we wish you both an eternity of love and happiness together ! 💕 ⁣⁣

Venue coordinator vs wedding planner

Like Tirtha Bridal, wedding venues have recently began to offer coordination services as well. We’ve come across many couples asking us the difference between coordination by venues and by wedding planners. As Daphne and Milton’s wedding had both sides involved, we thought it was a great opportunity to feature them here:
Venue Coordinator  Wedding Planner 
  • Responsible for all things venue-  related (e.g: tables, chairs, linens, etc.).
  • Making sure the kitchen and wait staff are scheduled according to couple’s needs (if venue provides catering). 
  • Responsible for planning the entire wedding including finding the perfect venue for your big day and assisting in layout planning.
  • Works closely with the venue coordinator to ensure they deliver as per contract agreement. 
  • The venue will usually provide a preferred vendors list and that’s the extent of their involvement when it comes to vendors. 
  • Assists in sourcing and setting up appointments with various recommended vendors based on the couple’s requirements.
  • Assists in budget planning and managing payment schedule. 
  •  Assists in selecting vendors, contract negotiation and booking.
  •  Follows through with vendors on confirmed wedding day arrangement.
  • Venues with catering included will have a timeline solely for their catering staff. Their timeline will center around  food preparation and serving times. 
  • Delivers a customized wedding timeline and to- do- list based on couple’s wedding requirements and schedule.
  •  Delivers a wedding day itinerary with detailed aspects of the entire day. This includes every event for the day and all parties involved. (e.g. schedule arrival times for all vendors, group photo- taking order, songs to be played for each section, cake- cutting procession, etc)
  • You’re most likely sharing your venue coordinator with at least 100 other couples. This often leads to delayed responses in phone calls and emails. 
  • Fortunately (and unfortunately), wedding planners are available almost 24/7, of course with a few exceptions. If you’re having an emergency, you can always just give your wedding planner a call or send a quick text message.
Event Styling  
  • Venue coordinators don’t assist in designing your wedding (selecting theme colours, decoration ideas, planning your wedding favours, etc). They only provide complimentary decoration, if any. However, they’ll be able to offer advice on how to best utilize the space based on your guest count and also advise on your seating layout. 
  • Wedding planners will provide inspiration and feedback on the development of your wedding theme and design. 
  • From selecting your color palette to customizing guest favors, a wedding planner will assist in designing all aspects of the wedding. They may help create your save- the- date, centerpieces, signage, and décor. They may also provide guidance on bridesmaids’ dresses, what to put in your welcome gifts, and how to create an ideal outdoor seating for your guests.