An Ocean Inspired Styled Shoot

Partner: Association of Wedding Professionals Malaysia
Concept, Styling and Coordination: Eventistry
Glasses & Charger Plates: CHIIO
Venue & Food: Nathalie Gourmet Studio
Photography: Louis Loo Photography
Stationery:  Acadia Card
Soy Candle Favor: Dorothy Scents
Bridal Attire: Armadale Gowns
Hair and Make Up: Michelle Touche
Hair Accessories // Evangeline Craft
Talent: Tan Yon Lyn


Reaching beyond the big day, ever thought that you could also go green with your bridal shower?

As both our co-founders adore the sun and sea, we were inspired to create a bridal shower that is close to nature while remaining eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable.

Check out some of our favourite elements in this styled shoot:

  • Theme – What first comes to mind when thinking of warm sun rays and soothing sea waves? The beach! In this shoot, we designed a beach- themed look that featured a mixture of light blue and turquoise accents with a hint of gold to emulate blue waters and golden sands. This fun and lively nature theme can easily suit any venue where the bridal shower is hosted, be it in a garden courtyard or by the poolside.

  • Table Setting & Decor – The easiest way to go green is to refrain from using paper/ plastic dining utensils for your bridal shower. You can also trade paper napkins for cloth napkins to further minimize waste produced after the party. As for decor, florals are a great addition to liven up the table setting. Anthurium plants, also known as Flamingo Flowers or Laceleafs, are tropical local blooms that are affordable and easily found at any local florist. Anthuriums are also commonly- used houseplants as they can be grown indoors, are long- lasting and have air purification qualities. Aside from that, we highly recommend the Flamingo Flower simply because it carries the rich symbolic meaning of ‘hospitality’. This beautiful heart- shaped flower will never fail to welcome your guests and relay your warmest gratitude to them!

  • Stationery – Simple stationeries can add much detail to the celebration while double- functioning as decor. These watercolor sea print designs breathe life to the beach- themed party. Consider printing your bridal shower invites, place cards, menu and wish cards on handmade or recycled paper. For a more eco- conscious alternative, you may also opt for soy ink printing as opposed to traditional petroleum- based ink. Soy ink can easily be removed from paper during the recycling process which helps contribute to long- term sustainability.

  • Favors – Scented candles make lovely gifts for your bridal party. Instead of getting the usual paraffin candles, try soy candles. Not only do they burn longer and slower, they also produce 90% lesser soot than normal candles, making it more eco- friendly and healthier for those who enjoy a good scent. Breathing in the citrusy refreshing aroma of this Coconut and Kaffir Lime will surely take your mind on a relaxing stroll by the seaside.

  • Food – A celebration is never complete without good food! This spread by Nathalie Gourmet Studio utilizes fresh ingredients sourced from local produce. Natalie Gourmet offers a wide selection of cuisines and their menu can be easily customized to meet the dietary requirements of you and your bridal party. 

Much thanks to AWP for organizing this styled shoot and to everyone involved in creating the look of this bridal shower!

In collaboration with AWP #KnotTheWaste campaign, an effort to share with wedding couples how to tie the knot sustainably. Different wedding scenes showcasing the various ways that sustainability can be creative and glamorous yet eco- friendly altogether. #sustainableevents #sustainableweddings #eventistrymy #awpmalaysia #sustainablyeverafter