April 2, 2019

The Launch Party was one of the biggest milestones for both Laverne and Juvien. It wasn’t an easy journey getting Eventistry up and running, but once we officially launched on the 2nd of April 2019, it was just such a relieve and a dream come true for the both of them. One of the hardest parts about the process was choosing a date for the launch party. We were so occupied with day-to-day preparations for the rebranding – making sure our website is up and running, creating a new profile on different medias, updating our service kit and documents, while at the same time managing client events throughout February (on top of CNY short holiday break).

We didn’t want to have the launch party after quarter 2 as quarter 1 is usually the slower period for us and our industry friends. With much thought, we decided and agreed to have it on Apr 2nd so that we could have ‘sufficient’ time to prepare right after CNY break. (About 1 month of preparation on top of our Clients) Once the date was settled, we proceeded to find a suitable venue. It was quite an interesting journey when it came to choosing the venue.

Laverne and Juvien have always loved the outdoors, with sunshine and fresh air. But after putting a lot of thought into it, it did not seem like the ideal setting as we had to take into account the accessibility of the venue, what if it’s too hot, what if it rains, also choosing a good timing to avoid after office hours so we don’t contribute or get stuck in traffic. To be honest, the first few locations we had in mind were outdoor parks in central PJ, just PERFECT! After weighing in on the additional cost and effort to get parasols and Plan B arrangements in case it rains (for a 2-hour event), we had to scrap the idea of doing outdoors.

After much research, we came across this location called the Linc KL in Jalan Ampang. Juvien and Laverne actually made a few trips, some where they went separately just to recce and get a feel of the place. But it didn’t take long for them to decide simply because the place was a GEM! They were both captivated by the 100-year-old tree and loved the fact that the entire building and its facilities were planned with sustainability in mind. The place was very welcoming and there were comfortable spaces everywhere. That’s where we found our “perfect spot” for the launch party. There was just nothing you cannot love about the place. It was original, raw and yet well – designed which was also a plus point for us because we didn’t have to do much on decoration. Most importantly, we loved the fact that the event could take place outdoors just as we initially wanted (not too hot and yet covered in case of rain).

As for the theme and decoration, we decided to go with a more natural and earthy, yet simple and beautiful look. This is because we embrace authenticity and have always been fond of decoration styles that are more natural and simple. As Eventistry is looking to launch a new identity of doing #sustaintableevents, the decoration was also planned with the focus on reusability and sustainability. Most of the decoration and fixtures were reused from our client events and we purchased more battery operated block candles as the existing ones were quite worn out. Definitely loved the fact that we would be able to reuse almost 100% of our props for future events after the launch party. We must admit that one of our greatest satisfaction was being able to balance designing the event to suit our personality while working towards reusability and sustainability at the same time.

Apart from that, it was a challenge to decide if we wanted to have the decoration outsourced or DIY-ed. Reason for outsourcing was so that we can get the professionals to deliver our dream setting while we focus on what was more important – being a good host to our invited guests. However, after much discussion with #TeamEventistry, we decided to take up the ‘challenge’ to DIY the decorations ourselves. We could have taken an easier way by outsourcing but we are thankful for our team’s dedication. The time we spend doing all the work together definitely strengthened our bond as a team, even though it wasn’t all smooth and easy. Fun fact, we actually wanted to do more flowers and foliage but….. I think we are really much better at planning and coordination. Hahaha!

The final outcome was a minimalist look with minimal flowers and foliage. Thank god for the block candles and also the wood logs that we loaned from the cafe!

We also gave out metal straws as door gifts during the launch party, which not many of them have yet which is good because they can now say by to plastic straws!

We also gave out stainless steel straws as door gifts during the launch party. Not many of our guests own one which was good because now they can bye to plastic straws!

Besides that, the two points that we stressed on throughout the launch party were:

• #sustainableevents
• Community over competition

Eventistry plans to do more #sustaintableevents in the future. We pride ourselves in exceeding your expectations by bringing your celebration visions to life while focusing on socially responsible, environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. We believe by taking this small step, we will be able to do bigger things in the future. Eventistry also lives by ‘community over the competition’ because we believe there’s so much more we can do together than on our own. We hope to support our fellow wedding / event industry mates and we truly look forward to inspiring and empowering one another. That is also why we invited everyone for our launch party so we could meet and potentially collaborate with the people in our industry, which we call our family.

The launch party has also helped bridge different people from various parts of the wedding industry. We had  wedding planners (TieTheknot, Jovita Lo, Pathway, Forevermore, Story and Matter, Marble & Co, and Wishhper), wedding content writers (Weddings Malaysia and Wedding Note Book), wedding association (APW), live bands (The Raw Note, Janet Lee and The Muse), wedding stationery ( Thistle and Acadia), make-up artists (Hanna and Shang Studio) bridal car vendors (Classic & Vintage), photographers (Munkeat Studio, Cash Studio, Terence Tan and ACS) videographers (Bean Pictures), photo booth (Tagbooth), decorators (Event Diaries and Muas Mo), baker (Raindough), florist (Carel Co), wedding favour (The Two Pineapple), calligrapher (Peanutbunnyjellyfish), bridal shoe (The White Atelier), winery (Fermented Grape Juice) and AVL (Psychoacoustic). It was just a beautiful sight seeing everyone together which we don’t get the opportunity to have very often. And for those who couldn’t make it, we would also like to say our sincere thanks for your heartwarming wishes and words of encouragement.

Chirs (Wedding Malaysia)

Kris from Weddings Malaysia

Sheryl from TieTheKnot

Priscilla and San San from Story and Matter

Muas Mo from Muas Mo Wedding & Carel from Carel Co

Jovita from Jovita Lo Weddings and Debra from Acadia Card

Quinn and Yonger from Pathway

Nicola from Cash Studio; Shan Shan from Shang Studio and Hanna Makeup Artist

Estelle & Hannah from The Two Pineapples; Ashleigh from Peanutbunnyjellyfish and Melissa from Marble & Co.

Joyce, Asher and team from Thistle Cards

Gan Teck Hooi from iCFO, Jin Chong, Andy from Catch A Light and Rhiana & Marcus

Shien From Fermented Grape Juice

Janet Lee

Terence from Terence Photography and Leo from Bean Pictures

Jeff & Fynn from The Raw Note & Kathleen from Kathleen Events

Careen from The White Atelier

Will from Wishhper

Nicholas from Jovita Lo Weddings and Lim from Classic & Vintage


Andrew from Ndrew Photography


That’s all for now, thank you everyone that have journeyed this journey with us.

We look forward to building more memories with all of you.


Our Vendors

Venue: BoDining
Planning & Styling: Eventistry
Photography: NDrew Photography
Videography: Michelle & Hong Wen
Reusable Metal Straw Favors: Eventistry
Calligraphy: Peanutbunnyjellyfish