This time last year, we launched Eventistry into the world with a simple celebration attended by some of our good friends from the industry. It was a special day for us and a momentous occasion. And as such, we decided to pen down our thoughts and feelings detailing the journey leading up to that day. You can read more about it here.

We can’t thank God enough for all that we have been blessed with over the past faithful year. We wish to express our sincere heartfelt gratitude to all of our clients for believing in us; some of whom also trusted us with the task of making their wedding more sustainable. Most importantly, we are beyond thankful to our team for building Eventistry with us together.

In conjunction with our first anniversary, we would like to share some of the achievements we’ve had over the past year, as well as some new exciting announcements for the coming months. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication of our wonderful team.

We’ve updated our website!

We have added more photos of our recent weddings as well as updated some of the kind words from our recent clients. On top of that, we have also fully transitioned all our client projects to Aisle Planner. Clients will now be able to access the planning app from our website by clicking “Client Login”; just another helping hand to make your wedding planning process easier and stress-free! You may now also access our enquiry form using Aisle Planner. We’ve come to find that quite a few of our fellow wedding planner friends have also started using Aisle Planner over the past year! For any vendors and planners that are intrigued and want to jump on the bandwagon, feel free to reach out to us anytime to find out more about Aisle Planner. We’re more than happy to share our insight with you! Our hopes are that getting more planners and vendors on board this initiative would make our collaboration, client documentation and communication more seamless.

We’ve moved our home studio!

We were operating from Subang for the past 3-4 years and have recently moved into our new home studio in SS2 this February! We wanted to move closer to where we stayed in order to minimize traveling. Additionally, the home studio is much nearer to our vendors’ studio/offices too. Despite the shorter distance, our team culture of working from home and only meeting up when necessary still applies. We were hoping to throw a small party at our new place to celebrate our new office warming in conjunction with our 1st anniversary, but the recent developments with Covid-19 have caused us to reconsider this idea and postpone….Our hopes are that things will pick up soon, and the situation improves for all of us!

We are Malaysia’s first certified green wedding professional!

A (not so) little later than we initially planned, but regardless, we are elated to finally achieve one of our most important goals. It was quite a challenge transitioning clients to our new approach while juggling course assignments. Although our initial goal was to be certified by June of 2019 (2 months after our launch party), we managed to get our certification approved a few months later in December due to our immense workload. Nevertheless, we are extremely happy and proud to be Malaysia’s first certified green wedding professional! We absolutely can’t wait to share and collaborate on more green wedding projects with like minded vendors in 2020. Here’s to a greener future for weddings!

Last but certainly not least, we’re excited to announce the launch of 2 new releases this year!

We will be relaunching our ‘Party in a Box’ series under a new identity called ‘Party To Go’; a refreshing new update to our party division! Complete with 3 different customisable packages that are available for pickup or delivery, the ‘Party To Go’ series is designed to promote fun (yet safe) at-home celebrations amid the current pandemic. Orders begin in April, and 5% of all profits from each order will go to #eemgives in support of charity foundations for COVID- 19. We sincerely believe that all of us have a role to play in giving back to our community, especially in times of dire need such as this. Our second release is the introduction of our official Green Wedding Package – it is scheduled to be launched soon in conjunction with Earth Month! It is our strong belief that a celebration of love can always spare some compassion and kindness to the earth that we live in, and that belief is deeply rooted in this new package. You can expect more details about this new development soon. Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to cancel all the fun, so head on over to our Instagram or Facebook and follow us for more updates!

Until next time, stay safe and take care!

Sustainably Yours,
Team Eventistry