A very much delayed post but we’ve made it! :) As my partner, Juvien has shared her favorite moments in 2018 earlier, this is my share of the memorable projects we’ve done in 2018. It has been a very special year with many milestones not just for the company but personally for me as well, especially after being a mom returning to work, building a new team and co-founding a new brand, and many more… all in all, I can’t thank God enough for all that He has added into our hands. That’s why Juvien and I have decided that for our look back on 2018, we want to co-write into 2 posts. You can read about her look back for 2018 here.

So are you ready? Sharing with you my personal favorite highlights and milestones starting with:

1. The Founding of Eventistry

I shared about how I almost ended up downsizing the business here. But God is so good that He always give beyond what we can think for, the idea of co founding the business together with Juvien actually came into past. Honestly, it was a very “scary” decision because I’ve learnt that handling business alone is not easy and having a partner requires much more wisdom. Juvien and I had many talks and we bring up issues and concerns openly.

To me, I am very grateful for opportunity like this, just when I thought it is time that I have to let go of my passion/dream and taking up a new role as a mommy, now that I have a partner which she allowed me to experience new role as well as expanding the business together. Not to mention that we take a big step to rebrand ourselves from The Wedding Project and The Party Project to Eventistry to welcome a brand new year 2019!

Thank you Ndrewc Photography for making us look so good and natural on photo!

2. Celebrating Jason & Hui Ying

There are many reasons why this lovely couple (and their wedding) is our favorite. Over the years, we are very blessed with many destination couples and we only get to meet the couples 1-2 times before the wedding as they are based overseas. We really appreciate the trust Jason and Hui Ying put in us that makes the entire planning journey smooth and enjoyable. We also get to work with many great vendor friends at this wedding that makes the wedding a success.

The couple and bridal party took their time in the morning for games and photo shoot. There was no need to hurry for the next agenda. We hosted the wedding ceremony where Jason and Hui Ying exchanged their vow and lit the unity candle in the presence of their pastor and close friends at the balcony of Enderong House. It was a beautiful sunset and then the couple also had their first dance as they walked into the dining hall as the new Mr and Mrs.

We will share more of their wedding story soon. Stay tuned.

Photos by Daren Chong Photography.

3. Celebrating Thomas & Shu Wei

Thomas & Shu Wei’s dinner reception at Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur was a grand affair – classy and beautiful. Every detail was carried out with the bride’s preference in mind, from the pink ambiance lighting requested by Thomas, to a pre-recorded surprise voiceover by Thomas with Shu Wei’s favorite song ‘beautiful in white’ playing by the live band as their walk-in song, all these really show his love for Shu Wei. It’s no surprise Thomas & Shu Wei’s wedding turned out gorgeously!

Of course, our vendor, Wishing Tree, had put it all together in a picture-perfect way for photographer MunKeat Studio and videographer JC Studio Films to capture the moment. We will be sharing more about the wedding. Stay tuned!

Photo by Munkeat Studio

4. Personal Projects Favourites

Sharing with you three of my personal projects this year starting with Abbie’s first Birthday. Every year I will plan/decorate a party for someone I know to show them my love. I just love how Abbie’s party backdrop turns out so sweet and dreamy.

My second personal project would be a doggy birthday pawty for my sister in law. I enjoyed the entire designing and styling process and my little family had fun at the party!

My final personal project in 2018 would be my first born’s first birthday. Now that I’m the client and I am allowed to propose any theme and color for the party, I went ahead with all white and a minimal hint of pastel yellow. I enjoyed and love the planning process and made quite a few interesting decisions in designing this party (which I will share more about the party details in another post) but for now, you can tell that I love organic balloon garland and yes, GIANT balloons!

Happy first birthday my son. You are truly a gift from God may you grow up healthy, happy and fearing God.

Photo by Andy Chin Studio

5. #TeamEventistry

2018 is the year we literally start from scratch again and we build our core team. Screened through many applications and some did not pass through probations but as we end the year 2018, we are grateful for the #TeamEventistry including our project staffs. We believe that teamwork makes our dream works and for now we may be a small cozy team but I believe together we can do so much more.

6. Baby with Bee collaboration project

In December, we collaborated with Baby with Bee in Gentle Birth Bootcamp. We set up a simple photo booth and 200 mommies to be can take photos and stand a chance to win a lucky draw item from us – a customized party in a box from us!

Check out the rest of the story here.

7. Party In A Box Series

In 2018, we have also intentionally done more party in a box series for bridal showers, baby showers and kids parties. To name a few these are my personal favorites.

A Tiffany and Co inspired themed baby shower high tea session at St Regis KL – We customize the table placemat and games as well as the table decor with sugar cookies as guest favor. Last but not least, how can we not adore a Tiffany color giant balloon with personalized wording to highlight the cozy celebration.

Another 2 party in a box series I would like to highlight would be Fortnite and Real Steel theme. We received the client’s call 2 days before the event and she would like to have decor touch up for her 2 boys party event. After communicating with her on the party requirements and managing her expectations on the deliverables, the project was quickly confirmed and we are so thankful that the client was very happy with the outcome!

You might be thinking what is this Party In A Box series about? Basically, we customize party decoration to suit any of your party theme/colors and all these items can be delivered in a box (or you can self collect it from our home studio) or you can also choose to have us to set it up for you with a small fee. Have I mentioned that our Party In A Box is very affordable and it’s very suitable for a mini house or class party celebration?

8. Themed Parties

I was quite surprised myself as I browse through the confirmed projects this year, we did quite a number of themed parties such as Thomas and Friends, Pokemon Go, Winnie The Pooh, Rainbow and Unicorn and many more. Check out the following photos.

9. Golden Anniversary

Writing this was not easy. As much as I want to share about the event yet I want to make it private for J. J is probably one of the strongest woman that I know. I planned their wedding 2 years ago and in 2018, I received a call from her to plan her parents’ golden anniversary. Due to what they have to go through as a family the past one year, it has been very difficult for them and J wanted to give her parents a surprise for their anniversary. I must say that every meeting with J, there were always hard to hold tears moments. What I’ve learn from her is that loving someone also mean we have to stay strong and positive for those who around us. There were nothing fancy in the program, but there were many hugs and great catch ups for a great celebration, heart felt speeches from J and parents, beautiful cake gifted by a family friend, the parents first dance and all guests went home with the parents’ favourite ginger cookies by Bake With Dignity. Thank you J for having us again to be part of your family events. I believe #TeamEventistry has given our best in making sure every single details were taken care to create unforgettable celebrations for your parents golden anniversary.

10. Christmas Project #eemgives

Last but not least, the most favorite time of the year would be Christmas season! As Juvien has shared about what we decided to give this Christmas in this post, let me share more about our idea of giving as well as who do we want to give.

We believe in doing good, being kind and simply, giving. We always believe in doing the extra mile not just for our clients but also our vendors as well.

When Juvien and I share with our team that we are getting small gifts this Christmas, our team thought that we were intentionally doing it for our clients (CRM purpose) but really more than appreciating our clients and showing them love this season, we also want to do it for our vendor friends/industry family. The idea was not just to give to the preferred partners that we have collaborated or we want to collaborate with, but Juvien and I actually specifically shortlisted 10 wedding planners to just give to them as a token of love and blessing.

Why are we doing this? Sound silly and I think nobody will buy gifts for their “competitors” right? That’s the usual response I got it when I share about my idea of giving. But that was exactly my point, when it comes to giving, I think we shouldn’t be make giving exclusive and also, why not? There’s no harm and no other intention behind the gifts and in fact, Juvien and I see it as collaboration over competition. I think this was probably our biggest take home in 2018 from FEM Bootcamp Juvien attended as well as Futurist Conference I attended.

I was hoping that by active giving and actively trying, I hope there will be more collaboration among wedding planners in Malaysia and isn’t that a beautiful thing? For example, We are thinking to host planning workshops and instead of hosting the workshop all by ourselves, it is more meaningful to host it with other wedding planners. We have our own strength and it would be so good to be able to learn from each other and to do things together as well.

So we were shy and very nervous but it was the right thing to do so anxiously we send out the parcels. We kept telling ourselves there’s is nothing to lose and the worst could only be nothing happen but we see so much great things can birth forth from a single action to giving and trying.

So after one week of waiting, our vendor friends received their parcels. We are quite happy that out of the ten, one wedding planner actually responded (thank you!!! That’s the best gift and encouragement for us).

None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

So that’s my personal favorite highlights of 2018. Thank you for reading and journeying with me personally or with us #TeamEventistry this year. Thank you for all your love, support, feedbacks knowing that you want the best for us to succeed. To all our clients, thank you for your trust in us and our vendor friends for supporting us in creating unforgettable moments for our clients. Last but not least, all glory to God for all that He has given us this year! We are all in for 2019!


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