‘Planet’ and ‘People’ have always been at the heart of what we do here at Eventistry. Rejoicing our love for the planet this Earth Month, we were empowered to rally our efforts towards something bigger, better and much greater than ourselves – Love Not Wasted

What is Love not Wasted?

‘Love Not Wasted’ is a full wedding planning package designed with sustainability and eco- ethical practices in mind. At Eventistry, we believe that having a sustainable wedding doesn’t mean having to sacrifice what you want. It simply means being more mindful in your wedding planning while giving some thought for the community and planet in the process. Without having to compromise on your dream wedding, ‘Love Not Wasted’ allows you to have a celebration that is more meaningful, heartwarming and truly yours!

With notable professional vendors and non- profit organisations on board, this package is meticulously curated to bring your wedding visions to life without bringing more harm to the world we live in. Signature features of the package include green wedding advice (  on details such as menu selection, ring purchase, sustainable wedding favors, etc ), eco vendor recommendations and management, carbon offsets and more!

Why Love not Wasted?

In creating our official green wedding package, the goal was simple – #sustainableevents. Connecting back to Eventistry’s roots of bringing celebrations to life while focusing on low impact practices, ‘Love Not Wasted’ can be seen as a promise kept and a manifestation of our vision for a better change moving forward. This distinctive package aspires to achieve 3 main purposes: 

1. To reduce waste and promote green choices.

The average wedding creates approximately 272 kgs waste, 63 tons CO2 emissions and 3 tons mining waste. Having seen for ourselves the amount of waste left discarded after each event, we realized that as wedding planners we are very much in a position to help lessen our planet’s burden by proposing greener alternatives to couples without compromising on their dream celebration. Just like its name, we believe your love does not need to go to waste!

2. To give back to our community and planet.

We all play a role in giving back to our local community and beloved Earth. Trust that every effort counts, no matter how big or small. We are able to contribute a lot through a wedding – minimise paper waste with e- invitations, reduce carbon footprint with a single local venue, rescue surplus food and donate them to those in need… So why limit a momentous occasion to just a celebration when it can mean so much more? 

3. To make sustainable weddings more accessible.

Last but not least, we hope to make sustainable weddings more couple- friendly and as a viable option for many. Green weddings are still relatively new in our region; many may not have heard of eco- friendly weddings and those who have, may not know exactly what it is or how it works. With ‘Love Not Wasted’, we wish to bring more awareness and empower others to incorporate earth- loving practices into their celebration of love. A sustainable wedding is not hard to achieve, it just needs a bit of heart!

Three Customized Tiers

An all- inclusive package with full service planning, design and coordination, photography, hair and makeup, one theme selection, gown rental and food waste management. You may choose to embrace your green wedding journey:

  • Wholeheartedly

  • Lovingly

  • Mindfully

Four Captivating Themes

Bringing your wedding visions to life, we present to you 4 nature – inspired themes that are not only on- trend and modern, but are sure to wow your guests with that extra special touch!

Rustic and Minimal

Wooden Branch Series


Stylish and Whimsical

Dried Flower Series

Green and Earthly

Potted Plant Series

Lovely and Romantic

Flower Series

Partners In Sustainability

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our team of esteemed wedding professionals! Working hand- in- hand with us to achieve an earthly celebration, all vendors are well – notified on its purpose and are committed to the standard practices of producing less to no waste throughout each event. Head on over to their sites to check out their incredible works and extensive profiles.


Louis Gan Photography | Captured Gladness

Kurtahs Studio | Manoj Photography | Ryimage Studio


Ace of Films

Hair & Makeup

Shuen Makeup Artist

Rentals & Decor

LYS Wedding Styling & Events

Gown Rental

Studio Wonkyu


Acadia Card | X for Xuegi 


Picha Eats

Waste Management

What A Waste 


What To Do Next

Inspired to celebrate your love with our planet, people and each other?

Connect with us at hello@eventistry.my 

Celebrating your love for each other and for the Earth ♥