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With social distancing, group photos can present a challenge at weddings. It may take some redesigning to capture you and your loved ones on the big day while keeping a safe distance between everyone. We’ve recently been exploring some creative ideas for group photo- taking in the “new normal wedding” along with our good friend Manoj from @manojphotography_. We came up with 4 tips for you to spice up your photos with loved ones, all while maintaining a safe distance!

Photo // Manoj Photography

Photo // Manoj Photography

Large Backdrop

Standing apart takes up more space and a wider backdrop will be able to accommodate a bigger group. If you’re hiring a photo booth, consider discussing this with your vendor as well. The camera kiosk will likely be placed further away to fit everyone in the frame and you’ll probably need to speak to your decorator on designing a wider/ larger backdrop design. We’d also suggest to use pre- existing structures or feature walls at the venue as your backdrop. They provide a large frame for photo-taking with floor-to-ceiling height and you won’t have to spend extra for it!

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Creative Poses

A gap between you and your loved ones can make your photos look dull and flat. Switch up your positioning and poses! Instead of just standing apart in a straight line, take turns standing front and back or scatter around randomly, just make sure everyone’s in the shot. This will help add depth and dimension to your group photos while still ensuring a safe distance between guests. Have fun with your poses and make use of props! Everyone has enough personal space now to do fun silly action- packed poses, so go crazy with it! Your wedding photos will make you laugh so hard when you look back on them in the future that you won’t even remember there was distancing.

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Open Spaces

Wide open spaces make great photo- taking spots for big groups. You can choose to take outdoors with the natural scenery as your backdrop. With more space to move around, your photographer will also have more freedom to get creative when taking those shots. They’ll be able to shoot from above or afar to give you a variety of different angles in your photos. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony or reception, consider allocating a designated space instead of a photo wall/ backdrop for photo- taking!

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In addition to group photos with physical distancing, you can also choose to do collages! Something different and unique; you can ensure all your guests are captured closely together in a single photo without having to worry about positioning or distancing. Consider discussing with your photographer how this can be done creatively and beautifully according to your desired style and theme.

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