Number of Guests: 91 Venue: Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre & Samira by Asian Terence

Decoration: LYS Wedding & Event Styling Catering: Craft Coffee Roasters Dinner Reception: Samira by Asian Terrace Wedding Cake: The Cakescape Photography: Louis Gan Photography Hair and Makeup: Agnes Yip Favors: Eats, Shoots & Roots Bouquet: Live Band: The Raw Note Planning/Styling/Coordination: Eventistry

We believe that nature could really use some breathing room from the relentless strain it’s constantly under because of mankind. All of us have our own roles to play in this fight to save the planet from ourselves. And for Eventistry, that role has and will always be sustainable events! It is on that note that we are commemorating a very special milestone for us –  Karen and CP’s wedding! We are incredibly proud to call Karen and CP’s wedding one of the most sustainable and socially conscious weddings done by Eventistry thus far. Our collaboration with Karen and CP wasn’t just one-sided, either; they’re also an environmentally conscious pair. In fact, they even made the decision to do all of their wedding correspondences digitally to avoid paper wastage! It filled our hearts with joy to incorporate compassion to the Earth in a like-minded couple’s wedding celebration. Karen and CP decided to have their marriage ceremony at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (or KLPac) in the morning. It was a lovely setting to the beginning of their fairy tale marriage; the center stood tall in an open space, surrounded by vibrant green blades of grass. It’s brick walls seemed like it could tell a million stories both new and old, and provided an atmosphere that was wonderfully rustic. It was the perfect venue for the pair to tie the knot, although there was more to the choice of KLPac than just the latter. Being the sustainable-minded couple they are, Karen and CP decided to choose the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre due to it’s close proximity to the majority of their guests. Their intentions were to minimize the amount of travel needed to attend their wedding; automobile transmissions are considered as one of the biggest factors of environmental damage after all, and Karen and CP hoped that their choice of venue would cause people to drive less to the wedding. The decor for the marriage had an oriental theme to reflect the couple’s roots and upbringing. The bouquet, artfully crafted by Flomen, consisted of preserved flowers; yet another sustainable element of Karen and CP’s big day!   The signing table was elegantly decorated with simple candles set in gold holders, terrariums with gold accents, and a floral arrangement of red, white and pink flowers. The backdrop was another beautiful addition to the decor. Crimson drapes gracefully twisted their way around the gold metal arch. The vibrant color of the drapes added a pop of color to the setup and complimented the floral arrangements attached to it. It was the perfect canvas on which the roses painted beautiful splashes of red, pink, and white. It was a beautiful ceremony. The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre had just as much character indoors as it had outside. It was perfect for Karen and CP’s intimate wedding. High ceilings and windows fill the space with beautiful sunlight, adding yet another layer of allure to the oriental decor and flowers. Karen and CP gathered here with their friends and family, basking in the gentle sunshine, and committed themselves to each other in marriage!  Karen and CP tied the knot, and now it was time to celebrate! The couple decided to host their wedding reception at Samira by Asian Terence: a unique restaurant nestled in a private park in Kuala Lumpur. It’s red brick walls and spacious layout beckoned visitors with the same cadence as the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Even the venue, tucked into a glorious patch of the natural landscape, emanated the aura of “sustainable”.  Continuing on this same vein as the venue were the wedding favors. Seed jars were eloquently placed on the table in front of each guest’s seat as place cards. In addition, the decor from the morning’s wedding ceremony was reused for the wedding reception. The graceful arch in front of which Karen and CP got married now stood proudly in the open area of Samira, acting as a photo booth and backdrop. The signing table where the pair registered as a married couple just hours earlier was now a cake table. The aisle decorations from the ceremony now adorned the main table. It was amazing how the same materials were utilized so effectively to decorate both gatherings! Again, one of the countless ways in which Karen and CP’s wedding was sustainable. Even their wedding cake reflected the pair’s affinity for the environment; it featured two love birds to symbolize the groom’s love for bird watching! It was clear from our interactions with Karen and CP that they were extremely kind and very sweet people. They genuinely appreciated our efforts in helping them host the wedding of their dreams, and they made sure to express their heartfelt gratitude to all of the people who made their wedding day possible. The couple even thanked every single vendor during their speech, going the extra mile to check the singer’s name! However, this was just the beginning of the kind gestures they had planned. They reached out to an organization called “What A Waste” that enables people to share their food with those in need. Together, they were able to share the excess food from their wedding with 68 orphanages, and they saved a whopping 20.388 kilograms of food! It was clear to all of us that Karen and CP are truly the epitome of kind, caring, empathetic human beings. Their gestures and attitude towards life left an impression on us all.  Karen and CP’s wedding was truly one to remember. It was a wedding that was unique in both execution and design, and pleasantly challenged our capabilities and enabled us to exercise our initiative of planning a sustainable wedding. It was a celebration of love that gave back to both the Earth and the community, and we are infinitely grateful to have been a part of it. We’d like to congratulate Karen and CP on their wonderful union and wish them a blissful marriage together.