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An All-Inclusive Personalized Love Shoot that captures your love story just the way it is.

Exclusive, personal, one-of-a-kind.

The complete customized experience wholly infused with meaning and heart;
specially curated to convert your journey in love into timeless visual memories that would last a lifetime.

Let us capture your stories and create everlasting memories,
simply because, these times together are meant to last.

“A moment in time and space that represents us as a couple.”

Our styled portraiture is custom-designed to reflect your love in its truest form.

Packaged at RM 6000 only,
we bring your story to life through this exclusive capture!

Inclusive of:
Concept and Styling
Hair and Makeup

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Sheena & Mervyn’s Personalized Styled Shoot

Love is

where the heart is – home.

Both hailing from the small, quaint Malacca town, Sheena & Mervyn started dating when they were both 16. The high school sweethearts shared with us how they went through a 3-years long-distance relationship: with Sheena pursuing her studies in Kuala Lumpur and Mervyn to Sabah, it was not long after that, that Mervyn got down on one knees and popped the question.

It was no wonder that the couple decided to have their Personalized Style Shoot back to where it all began: Home. This boho-chic inspired styled shoot was held at Laman and Bayu, with a Traditional Rumah Melaka representing the treasured Malacca heritage.

Mervyn proposed to me when he brought me out for a picnic. I thought it was unusual of him because he had never done something like this before. So, I thought a picnic would be the perfect setting and the team made it all come true. I’d never thought a photoshoot would be this meaningful! – Sheena

Held outdoors, the styled photoshoot featured a picnic setting with the couple’s favourite food: sushi, and kuih muih’s (traditional Malay delicacies), a seamless white carpet, and rattan props for an additional vintage touch – all glued together flawlessly with a boho-chic tent centerpiece.

Home is where we created special memories together. There was no other place closer to our hearts. – Mervyn

Love is … let us complete your story! It can never get more simpler than this.

Our Esteemed Partners:

Concept and Styling
WITHIN theoccasions
Ndrew Photograhy (KL)
Jens KV (Melaka)
Patrick Kok Moments (Sabah)
Hair and Makeup
Shuen Makeup Artist (KL)
M. Nicole Makeup (Melaka)
Dora Makeup Service (Sabah)

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