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With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting us this year, it has forced us to hit the reset button like never before. For some, it could be a reset in our priorities, and some, a reset in our mindset. But let’s not forget the biggest takeaway from this 2020: a reset in our relationship with nature.

From climate change advocates to food waste management, these green initiatives have seen slowly blooming in the public. And so, we’ve come up with a few Green Initiatives ourselves, starting with our Love Not Wasted Green Wedding Package that was launched back in April this year (which we’ve seen so many positive responses!), and now, bringing this initiative exclusively to Melaka – Love Not Wasted Melaka!

#SustainableEvents may seem like a new concept to many in the wedding industry, but we’re confident that it can make a perfect pairing! Here’s all you need to know about having your very own sustainable wedding:

First Off, What Is #SustainableEvents?

Having a sustainable wedding or event simply means incorporating environmental considerations in every step of your event planning process. While it is impossible to go completely zero-waste, small, baby steps goes a long way in giving back to the environment!


Here are a few simple ways you can begin with in planning a #SustainableEvent:

1. Going Paperless!

E-invites are a growing trend these days. It is effortless, quick, beautiful, and less chances for your guests loosing it!

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2. Try Online Albums!

Why keep the memories to yourself when you can share it with all your loved ones. Try doing online photo albums where you can easily access to, share it, and even print selected photos for future use.

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3. Avoiding One-time-use of Items

With careful planning, we can avoid one-time-use of items and minimize waste. For example, utilizing the location's unique structure as a photo booth (minimizing building a photo booth from scratch - plus points for keeping it natural too!), planning the Wedding Day schedule in a way where you can maximize your gown rental to avoid unnecessary additional rentals. Scroll down below for wedding decor examples!

And many more other countless sustainable tips!

You can expect credible Green Wedding Advice from us when you take part in our Love Not Wasted Wedding Packages. From the little things, such as sustainable guest favours, to the most crucial of things, such as venue decorations, we will never let any minute details slip our sights!

Here at the EVENTISTRY team, we are a firm believer that less is definitely more! Let us guide you as you begin this new journey of going sustainable.

Secondly, Building a Community Together

#SustainableWeddings and #SustainableRelationships come hand-in-hand! Making the decision to go green does not only give back to the planet, it also gives back to the community.

At EVENTISTRY, we’re all in about building a healthy, growing, and sustainable relationship in the wedding industry – and you get to play a part in it too! By making the conscious effort to go green, you’re also supporting many green vendors out there.

Just like our collaboration with What a Waste (WaW), which had allowed our weddings* to carry out proper food waste management and giving back to the needy.

As teamwork makes the dream work, we are also honoured to have the best of the best in the wedding industry to partner with us. Read on below to find out our esteemed partners working with us in our Love Not Wasted Melaka Wedding Package!

*Only applicable if venue permits

Finally, Sit Back, And Relax!

So, what's next?

Going green really isn’t complicated at all. Are you convinced to create your own #SustainableWeddings? The steps are easy: Select Your Packages, Choose your Vendors, and Select your Optionals!

Love Not Wasted Melaka

We’re proud to present 2 packages as we launch our Love Not Wasted Sustainable Wedding Package – Timelessly & Intimately.

Find out more about our package details here on or you can always speak to our friendly planners and we can’t wait to chat with you on how making your wedding ‘green’.

Join us in our #SustainableWeddings journey as we create a better environment, and growing a sustainable community- together. We promise only perfect things coming your way to this new beginning! Let’s celebrate responsibly!

Reach out to us at for more details. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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