What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is an intimate small- scale wedding, usually with no more than 50 attendees. It still retains the elements of a traditional wedding which includes a venue, photographer, decor and more, but kept simple without the additional fuss that comes with a larger celebration.

Why Should You Consider A Micro Wedding?

1. A Safe Option

While micro weddings have been around all along, it has recently started gaining more popularity due to the current world climate affecting many nuptials across the globe. With the ongoing pandemic, many couples have turned to micro weddings for a safer way to celebrate their love. With mass gatherings banned and social distancing practices in place, a micro wedding seems most fitting during these times especially for couples who do not wish to postpone their big day nor take their celebrations online. You can also choose to go micro for your wedding ceremony with only close family members present, and have the  full reception at a later date when things are better.

2. Lower Cost

There is no denying that weddings come at a relatively high price these days and not everyone is able to afford such a grand scale affair. A micro wedding is great because it allows you to celebrate your love with close ones without having to empty out your savings! With a smaller group, you can be more flexible with your venue, have a one- tier wedding cake, and keep your decorations minimal. Focusing only on the elements that are most important to you will help save a lot, both in time and money!

3. More Intimate

While the saying goes ‘the more the merrier’, we would argue that this may not be the case for all weddings as not all couples seek a large celebration with every distant relative and high school friend present. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate a special day with all your friends and family, some may just prefer to keep it to themselves and have a more intimate gathering instead. Embracing a new beginning with the people that matters most in life, a micro wedding offers just that!

4. More Convenient

Planning a wedding takes up a lot of time and effort, and can be quite stressful for many couples. Having to worry about vendors, guest list and seating arrangements, reception menu and each guest’s dietary requirement; it can all be truly overwhelming. Without a doubt, size plays a big part in any celebration as the bigger the crowd, the more planning and management that is required. A micro wedding with a smaller guest pax helps you skip out on a lot of the additional complications, making wedding planning much more convenient and easy!

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Micro Wedding Ideas

Here are some fun ideas that take a smaller guest list into account without sacrificing style!

1. Choose a non-traditional venue.

With a small group size, you can be flexible with your wedding venue! Consider a non- traditional location as it is usually more affordable than a wedding hall or hotel ballroom. You can choose a place that is meaningful to the both of you as a couple (e.g. the place where you first met, favorite cafe to hang out, the fancy restaurant you had your first date, etc), an outdoor location (e.g. garden, park, beach, waterfall), a private retreat away from the city, or even a destination wedding abroad. The options are endless!

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2. Hire musicians.

A wedding, no matter how big or small, is never complete without music! Engage a live band for your micro wedding to liven up the atmosphere. As a reception tends to run shorter with a smaller group, the band may happily take song requests from your guests as well.
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3. Have a DIY bar or buffet.

If you’re worried that a small reception can quickly get boring for guests, switch it up and swap a sit- down menu for a buffet spread instead. A great way to get your guests up and about interacting with each other throughout the meal. To make it even more exciting, add on a live station of your favorite local foods – Lok- Lok, Ice Kacang, Satay and more!
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4. Use one long family – style table.

A plus point in micro receptions is you can choose to fit all your loved ones in one long family- style table. Without having to worry about seating arrangements or feel bad about splitting your guests up, they can all be seated together to enjoy the celebration. You may also opt to have sharing platters with this seating style as nothing quite breaks the ice like asking each other to pass the food!

Inspired to celebrate your love in a small and intimate way? Connect with us at hello@eventistry.my

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Inspired to celebrate your love in a small and intimate way? Connect with us at hello@eventistry.my