Planning your big day is already stressful as it is and with the COVID – 19 pandemic, many couples have been wondering what they should do next. Should you reduce your guest list? Should you shake hands and hug your guests? And the most common question many are asking – Should you postpone your wedding? There has been a lot of buzz on how to deal with a wedding amid the current situation and we thought we could share some thoughts on the relevant topic today.

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Just a few days ago, wedding planner Dinas Bridal shared one of her couple’s unique “drive – thru” wedding ceremony in light of COVID – 19. Avoiding mass gatherings, the ceremony was carried out with guests dropping by in their cars to congratulate the lovely couple. The bride and groom greeted their guests with hands on the chest in place of the usual salam or handshake.

A donation box was set up to collect donations for charity in place of ‘duit salam’ (monetary wedding gifts) and the couple also handed out food packets to thank their guests. The wedding has received widespread positive response from the public for its creativity and thoughtfulness in these trying times.

While a “drive – thru” concept is indeed very memorable and meaningful, it may not be for everyone. In fact, many couples have had to postpone their celebration due to the current situation. As in accordance with COVID – 19 guidelines by WHO, large events and mass gatherings have been strongly discouraged as it may contribute to the spread of the virus, with many places even banning such activities altogether. As disappointing as it is having to postpone a celebration of love, it is still the health and safety of our community, our loved ones and our own that are of upmost importance right now.

So for those who are in the midst of wedding planning and are wondering what to do next, here are some tips to help support you along the way!


1. Stay calm, don’t panic.

Whether it is stocking up on necessities or planning a wedding, the same simple rule applies – Do not panic. The outbreak may have caught us all off guard and yes there may be a sudden change of plans because of it, but we need to keep an open mind and remain calm throughout this process. First, consider reviewing the current stage you are at with your wedding and the planning progress so far. Have a talk with your partner on how you would both like to proceed moving forward from here. With a clear mind, you will definitely be able to make better decisions on your next move.

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2. Contact your venue / vendors

The next step would be contacting your wedding venue and vendors. If you and your partner have decided on postponing the wedding, call up your venue first to check for future available dates, postponement and cancellation policies, etc. Once that has been settled, proceed to contact your vendors to update them on your plan.

In the event that any of your vendors are unable to make it on the new date, discuss with them possible contingency plans. For some vendors like photographers and makeup artists, there may be other teams available within their company that are able to fill in and still deliver your desired outcome. If that option is not available, check with them for deposit refunds and other vendor recommendations. As vendors ourselves, we would always try our best to provide alternatives for our clients in the event that we are unable to deliver.

If your wedding is not till a few months and you would like to hold out making any decisions for now, you could still consider contacting your venue / vendors. Inquire for details on contingency plans so you can understand better what your options are.

Do keep in mind that many couples out there are also going through the same situation and are potentially looking to secure a new date too. Thus, it would be wise to act fast if you already have a plan in mind.

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3. Booking vendors 

We would still encourage everyone to go ahead and book the vendors you would like to secure in advance. Items like  venue and photographer should be of priority as they get booked out quicker and there may be a specific concept / style that you are aiming to have for your location and photos. On the other hand, vendors for decor and catering can wait till later when the progression of the situation is more certain. Just be sure to go through your contracts for clauses on deposit refunds and postponement / cancellation before booking.

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4. Act of God clause

In the contract with your venue / vendor, there should be an “Act of God” clause listed under terms and conditions. It usually states that in the event of natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes, there shall be no loss of deposits or any payment made. Though this is a relatively new situation and we are not entirely certain if a virus pandemic applies, you may still consider looking into it if your circumstances require.

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5. Inform your loved ones

If you have postponed your wedding, make sure to inform everyone on your guest list of the postponement and the new details. Another reason to act fast, it is better to avoid informing everyone at the very last minute as many of your guests may need time to plan ahead and reschedule. Especially for friends and family who are traveling, they will need to book their flights and accommodations ahead of time while also taking into consideration flight cancellations and restriction of foreign entry in certain places.

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6. Work with a planner

With the COVID – 19 pandemic affecting our everyday living, you may already be feeling stressed coping with work, adapting to a new routine, taking care of family and more. Having to deal with planning your big day on top of it all can be truly overwhelming. Consider working with a planner to help take some stress off your plate. A wedding planner can support you by liaising with vendors, keeping track on progress, analyzing alternative options and much more. If you have already engaged a planner, share your thoughts and discuss with them how they can help you realize your big day during these challenging times. For couples that are getting married in 2021 and are wondering if you should continue planning your wedding, the answer is “Absolutely yes!”. Just be sure to check with your vendors for details on contingency plans in their contracts.

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Whether you’re currently feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning or would just like to seek a second opinion from a professional, feel free to reach out to us via email at! We would also be happy to conduct a ‘zero contact’ consultation via phone call or Skype.

With the ongoing movement restriction order, our team is currently working safely from home. Business operations still remain during this period but all client / vendor meetups have been put on hold until 31st March 2020.

Lastly, take good care and we hope you stay safe and healthy wherever you may be!





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