The Only 6 Tips You Ever Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Intimate Party

With the year drawing near to an end, we’re hearing the holiday bells ringing and getting all geared up with all the get-together with friends and family.

Entering into the new norm today, where everything is scaled down, you may not know where to start, especially in planning an intimate and beautiful surprise party. Here are 6 tips we have sworn by as a team for our clients and we know it can be useful to you to get your party planning rolling like a boss!

1. Get to really know the person you are throwing the party for!

Before you even get started with the guest list, décor, and all the to-dos in your checklist, get down to the most important question first: Who are you planning the party for?

Make a list of the person’s likes, dislikes, and interests. Doing this would help you set a good theme for the party and it shows that you really care for the person you are throwing the party for!

Whether it is Gold & Glamorous, Simple & Minimalist – having the person you are throwing the party for in mind is key in planning a unique party bash!

2. Create a guest list

With the new norm today, it had really got us scaling down our events. While it is no longer big and glamorous, one gift it had got us is to be able to spend uninterrupted time with our loved ones.

Take your time in listing down a list of your guests’ names. If you’re throwing a party for a spouse, it would be meaningful to invite closed friends of your spouse. With a guest list, you can also try printing table placards. Printing table placards helps make your guests feel extra special and a great way to elevate your party décor.

3. Set up a team

Planning a party with friends makes the party planning process a lot easier and fun! Plus, you do not want to go attending the party all burned out.

A few tasks you can allocate your friends to do include taking photographs, budgeting, food & beverages, schedule, and decorations. If you have the budget, try sourcing for professionals to do the job for you – so that you and your friends can party worry-free!

4. Desserts, desserts, and more desserts!

One quick tip in planning the perfect surprise party is to never go greedy on the desserts! If you’re hosting a party on your own, try sourcing for desserts matching to the theme of your party.

You’d be surprised that we have plenty of talented local bakers like Little Collins, The Cakescape, Raindough Desserts, Mykekiss and many more!

5. Prepare Guest Favours

With guest favours, your guests can feel equally special as the person you are celebrating for! Who says there should only be 1 VVIP of the night?!

Preparing guest favours can be hassle-free and as simple as preparing a “Thank You” note with chocolates or even potted succulents / scented candles.

6. Bring the party to your home!

Believe it or not, you do not need to burn a hole down in your wallet to choose a perfect venue for your party. In fact, you can even plan a party at your very own home.

Planning a party at home sets the perfect intimate setting. Trust us when we say it can look as beautiful!

Just like what we did for our Party To Go and Party In A Box clients – a party package all wrapped-to-go for a seamless party planning experience – all on your own!

All you need is a space – indoors or outdoors – and talk to us with a specific theme you have in mind. We will take you from concept to completion – just throw us your crazy ideas!

Our Party To Go and Party In A Box is suitable for any occasions: from baby showers to proposals. If you’re looking to throw a worry-free party, and one where you can bring your party wherever you go, our party packages are perfect for you!

Looking to plan a party?

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