Stationery: @acadiacards
Videography: @ace_of_films
Soy Candle Favors: @dorothyscentsds
Venue: @escapetwenty3
Prop Rental: @just_rent_it
Face Masks & Wallet: @komunititukangjahit
Decoration: @lysweddingevent
Photography: @manojphotography_
Calligraphy: @peanutbunnyjellyfish
Dessert Platter: @pichaeats @pichaweddings
Live Stream Service: @psychoaccoustic_sound_and_light
Artificial Bouquet Rental: @semulafloral
Hair & Makeup: @shuen_mua
Bridal Attire: @studiowonkyumy
Animation Save- The- Date: @xforxuegi


After weeks of preparation, we’re beyond thrilled to have successfully pulled off our ‘Wedding Unusual Styled Shoot’ on 7th July. A micro/ staycation wedding filled with new inspirations for celebrating BIG while still celebrating small! With so much ongoing talk on the new norm, we wanted to emphasize that the “new normal wedding” doesn’t have to feel distanced or foreign for you and your loved ones. With just a bit of thought, the special day can still be stunning and captivating, yet feel laid back and close to heart.

Welcome to the wedding!

Welcome Station

The welcome station was placed just outside the venue compound. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by this lovely registration table setup equipped with new norm essentials- hand sanitizer, face masks, mask wallets, and more! Friends and family can conveniently scan the QR code for contact tracing before entering the guesthouse. We also added a welcome signage in the form of a letter board for that extra touch! We featured handmade batik cloth masks and mask pouches from Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ). In support of our local charitable organisations, KTJ is a social enterprise that provides working opportunities to the B40 community of single women, single mothers, the OKU group, and stay-at-home mothers. As we are still highly encouraged to wear masks outside, why not opt to gift your guests these beautifully hand-sewn masks as meaningful favors at your wedding.

Photo Backdrop

Just behind the welcome station is a white feature wall covered in creeper vines. The perfect photo backdrop for guests to pose and take photos in front of! A pre- existing green photo wall that is large and wide enough to also accommodate group photos with distancing. To spice it up, you may choose to add minimal decor at the sides or better yet, just leave it be and let its natural beauty shine in the photos.

An Intimate and Virtual Ceremony

Refreshment Station

Entering the guesthouse into the living room where the ceremony would be held, guests could enjoy some drinks and light bites at the refreshment station. Placed at the entrance of the ceremony area, we prepared fish biscuits and crackers, fruits (bananas and mata kucing), along with some refreshing lemon infused water. In support of our local traders and businesses, this refreshment station features our homegrown fruits and snacks. For such intimate setting, we also incorporated guest name tags on each individual glass jar to encourage reusing of drink glasses and to avoid one-time use plastic cups. After taking these shots, the team proceeded to enjoy the drinks and snacks during the rest of the shoot. We planned it in a way that the refreshment station could also function as a “crew care pack” and not just for shooting. This also helps ensure that none of the food goes to waste!

Wedding Ceremony

Facing the scenic view of KL city skyline, the wedding ceremony was held in the living area of Escape23. To complement the venue’s surrounding greenery, we opted for a natural and minimal potted plants theme in terms of styling the ceremony. Green plants in white ceramic pots lined both sides of the aisle paving the way towards a garden style backdrop decorated with greens of all kinds- eucalyptus plant, aloe vera, Ivy plant, etc. To highlight the new norm wedding design, seats were set apart to ensure physical distancing between guests.

Along with the team from Psychoacoustic Sound and Light, we were able to live stream the entire ceremony session on our Eventistry Facebook page during the shoot. Taking current travel limitations into consideration, we wanted to demonstrate how a virtual wedding would look like so those who were interested could have a clearer picture of having their loved ones tuning in on their big day through live stream! Our lovely talents, Jason and Jeaxin (who are actually engaged in real life btw), recited their vows and marched down the aisle; portraying the exact flow of an actual wedding ceremony. Emcee Matthew hosted the entire session with ease and poise; ensuring that guests who were present felt warm and welcomed despite the distancing, and also made sure those watching online were not left out as well! No doubt that with this new normal wedding, an experienced emcee would make the world of a difference for your wedding. A good emcee would be able to close the gap between you and your guests, create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, all at the same time managing both the actual and virtual guest experience.

In- betweens that are not to be missed!

First Look

When we first visited Escape23 back in November last year, we fell in love almost instantly. The main reason being that the venue came with nooks and corners that were not only aesthetically pleasing in photos, but were actually fit to host various events in real life- first looks, photo- taking, cocktail sessions, and so on. This quaint little corner in the backyard was set as the location for the bride and groom’s first look. Surrounded by clear blue skies, towering trees and blooming greenery, it was just the place for photo- taking. Aside from couple portraits, we would suggest to utilize the space for group photo-taking too!

Pre- Reception Cocktail

Cocktail sessions are usually the time for guests to hang and mingle before the reception. People tend to gather close to each other and crowd around high- top cocktail tables which may not be the best choice to ensuring physical distancing. For this intimate setting, we designed a cocktail lounge outdoors just beside the dining area where guests can chill and relax before the reception. Going with a bohemian- chic lifestyle setting, we laid out beautifully patterned mats, brought out the venue’s comfy sofa chairs, decorated the space with minimal florals and plants, and added a few pillows and blankets to bring out the cozy ambience. By having a few low tables with three to four seats set apart, it will naturally allow guests to spread out. Furthermore, it is a great setup that fully utilizes a large open space; creating functionality while also adding a whole new aesthetic to the wedding!

Time to wine and dine!

Dining Setting

Two wooden viking tables sat in an open space surrounded by crisp white walls; the dining hall at Escape23 required no tweaking or changes. The existing setup was simple yet elegant, and all it really needed was few decorations and centerpieces to elevate the look and bring about the dining experience. Rather than completely transforming the space, we wanted to keep its originality and highlight its strengths. Hence, matching the minimal look, we went with a whimsical dried flowers theme for one and an earth-loving potted plants theme for another. The dried flowers theme set the tone for a lovely and romantic ambience- stalks of pampas grass and dried baby’s breath in vintage bottle jars, pink tinted taper candles in gold stands and a sheer pink cloth table runner. On the other hand, the potted plants setting complemented the earlier ceremony design; potted leafy greens and succulents of different sizes used as centerpieces, placed along with block and taper candles intertwining a eucalyptus leaf table runner.

Minimizing one-time use, each individual place setting had ceramic plates, stainless steel utensils and cloth napkins placed on a matching colour woven place mat. With a small group, it is also convenient to personalize your guest seating. Every seat came with a place card and inside it a personalized thank you message written for each guest. As per guidelines, seats were set apart and each table could accommodate up to four persons.

It’s all in the details!

Guest favors

By Dorothy Scents, soy candles make great wedding favors for your guests! Compared to the usual paraffin candles, soy candles are a much more eco- conscious alternative. Not only do they burn slower and last longer, they also produce 90% lesser soot than normal candles making them more environmental – friendly and healthier for those who like to enjoy a good scent. Light a few at the table and around your venue to give off a nice aroma at your wedding. These lemongrass- scented candles not only adds to the the senses and the romantic ambiance, they also double as mosquito repellents which is great for outdoor venues.


Custom made biodegradable seed paper confetti by Semula Floral! A great alternative to the normal paper confetti, these biodegradable heart- shaped papers are infused with plant seeds that would grow once dissolved into the earth. Perfect for outdoor garden weddings, it also helps ensure that no harmful waste gets left behind after your celebration.


A sustainable approach, the vow book and place card were handmade from recycled paper. The scraps and bits of paper put together gave the cards a special added texture, making them stand out even more in photos! Not to mention, you can choose to have your wordings written in calligraphy. We owe the exceptional designs of these vow booklets and place cards to Asleigh aka @peanutbunnyjellyfish, who is a professional calligrapher!

Artificial bouquet and boutonniere

While some would love to keep their bridal bouquets, there are also those who find these flower arrangements unnecessary or a tad bit pricey to spend on just for a day’s use. A good solution to that would be to rent them instead! Yes, you can choose to rent your bridal bouquets and boutonnieres at a much affordable rate and return them after the wedding. Better yet, these bouquets from Semula Floral are all arranged with artificial flowers, could you even tell?

Lastly, we would love to thank all our partners in this shoot for bringing this vision to life! We truly appreciate all the hard work and support from this amazing team.