What a Waste X Eventistry: Join Our #FoodWarrior Quest And Combat Food Waste

A perfect wedding isn’t complete without a feast galore! Dishes served on delicate silverware, and toasts are shared between family an friends to celebrate the joyous occasion – what a night to remember!

However, it can be easy to get carried away to the night and more often than not, taking too much food than we can handle. Anyone can relate? We know we can!

Do you know that Malaysians throw out approximately 45kgs of food at every wedding?

For this, we’ve taken on the quest to combat Food Waste as part of our #SustainableEvents initiative – and we’re here to invite you to join us!

We believe that every celebration can be celebrated responsibly. And this means giving back to our community and the environment. Reducing food waste is definitely one of the simple step to create sustainable occasions!

So, wear your #FoodWarrior badges proud as we show you these simple steps on how you can reduce food waste at your weddings:

1. Take What You Need

When it comes to buffet lines, the term “Eat All You Can” becomes all too familiar for us. And more often than not, we end up piling up too much on our plates and creating unwanted food waste.

The next time you’re faced with a buffet extravaganza, remember to: “Take What You Need, and Eat What You Take”. You’d be surprised that taking a portion just enough for yourself will greatly help to reduce that food pile stacked on your plate at the end of the day. Not to mention, an additional three gold stars earned for making good impression by respecting other guests ;)

2. Food Containers Are Your Best Weapon

#FoodWarriors enter the battlefield not with swords and shields, but with food containers. Instead of shying away the next time someone on the table flashes out a food container, you take out your own too!

Give a food a new home instead of leaving it out to the trash. In your quest as a #FoodWarrior, feel free to request for food containers provided by the hotel and pack home with as many helping as you can.

3. Use A Sharing Spoon

To have a successful #FoodRescue mission, we’re calling out for our guests to use the sharing spoon provided for each dish. This is to ensure that food rescued are cleaned when brought to a new home.

Any uneaten food will be given to support “Feed The Hunger” marginalized community, a food rescue mission by What A Waste Malaysia.

4. Leave Out The Unwanted

A #FoodWarrior swears by the oath to only give what they would want to receive. And this means leaving half-eaten food, and inedible waste like bones away from the dish plate.

Remember that these rescued food are to be brought to a new home. We won’t want to surprise anyone with any “extras”!


A Feast To Remember.

Follow the 4 steps above and you will be on your way to graduate as a #FoodWarrior! As part of our goal to tie-the-knot responsibly, we’re honoured to be collaborating with What A Waste (WAW) Malaysia, a food rescue management specialist, for our weddings.

We have since rescued 115.31kgs of food with 107 beautiful and mindful occasions.

So, what happens to food being rescued? Food rescued follows a process of feeding people first, then animals, followed by recycling, and lastly decomposting.

When it comes to our quest in rescuing food, #FoodWarriors leaves no food behind as we believe that every portion counts. Each food rescued will help the marginalized community and to save our environment. Read more about our #SustainableEvents efforts here.

Warriors Wanted!

Join us in our noble quest to save a food, the community, and the environment. We’re always on the look out for #FoodWarriors for our weddings. Reach out to us at hello@eventistry.my to learn more.

Here’s to more occasions celebrated responsibly. Bon Appétit!

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