Number of Guests: 20
Venue: The Gazebo, Connexion Conference & Event Centre
Photography: Captured Gladness
Videography: Ace of Films
Jewellery: Cartier (Engagement Ring)
Rilakuma Flower Bouquet: Flomen
Catering: Connexion Conference & Event Centre
Planning/Styling: Eventistry
Coordination: Eventistry, special thank you to Ruth and Jason (Willie & Lavigne’s friend)
for coordinating with us behind the scene to make this event a success. No, it’s not a prank! ;)

Willie had been together with Lavigne long enough to know that there was nobody else he would rather spend the rest of his life with. What they had was truly special, and it was time to pop “the question”. He was extremely nervous; this was, after all, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. He wanted every detail to be perfect.

To that end, he chose to propose to her at The Gazebo. It provided the security of not having unexpected rain ruin his plans, as well as maintaining the pleasant atmosphere of an outdoorsy proposal. A rooftop lush green garden in the city; it was quite an exquisite setting to begin a new chapter in their love story. 

The proposal was to take place under a beautiful wooden arch. It was adorned in cream drapes, pastel pink flowers, and the words “Better Together” carved on foam board. Battery operated block candles in an assortment of cylinder vase and gold block candle holders stood at the foot of the arch. They were accompanied by complimentary posies and flower petals. It was a graceful set-piece that provided just the right atmosphere for the proposal. 

Willie put the same level of thought into the proposal bouquet. Lavigne loves Rilakkuma; an adorable bear character featured heavily in Japanese pop culture. The proposal bouquet had a Rilakkuma doll made of dried petals; a sweet, sentimental keepsake that outlives regular old flowers!

Friends and family were first to the scene, munching on light bites while waiting for the bride-to-be. An unsuspecting Lavigne was accompanied by Willie and their friend Ruth to Nexus Bangsar South. Upon their arrival at the venue, Willie excused himself and proceeded to go upstairs and wait at the arch. When everything was ready upstairs, Ruth brought Lavigne up. She was greeted by two lines of friends on either side of her; Willie’s friends and one side, and her friends on the other. As they walked past them, each of them handed Lavigne a beautiful red rose. 

Next, she was surprised by her family. Hugs were exchanged, and she was ushered to a path leading to the gazebo. Willie now approached Lavigne and handed her the beautiful bouquet, with Rilakkuma peeking out from behind the roses. He gently led her toward the arch, got on one knee, and proposed. Lavigne’s response was a resounding “yes”; the couple was now engaged!

Now was the time for celebration. Group photos were taken, and the guests continued to have their food and drink. Willie took more photos with his now fiance around the area. The proposal was a huge success, and the couple couldn’t be any happier!


Not only was the proposal a successful one; it was a sustainable one too. The Gazebo promoted sustainability & biodiversity through green spaces amid high-rise urban development.

It replaced greenery that was lost on the ground from development, with greenery in the sky through lush green roofs and foliage walls. This also adds another layer of space visually for recreation and gathering. Having the proposal at the Gazebo was also very eco-friendly; being a rooftop outdoor green event during the evening, the cool air was the perfect natural substitute for air conditioning. This reduces emissions of harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. 

The proposal incorporated several other sustainable practices in addition to just an eco-friendly venue. There were no single-use utensils provided for consuming food and beverages. Drinks were served in glasses and cups, and food was provided with stainless steel cutlery on ceramic plates. The flower petals used for the decor and the bouquet were reusable in order to reduce waste. Friends and family also played a role in making the proposal sustainable; they carpooled to the venue in order to reduce their carbon footprint!

Helpful tips on planning a proposal event:

Willie and Lavigne’s proposal was a spectacular affair, but often-times such an event is easier said than done. Planning a proposal can be quite overwhelming, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with some tips on planning the perfect proposal:

  • Select a sentimental location. You want the place to propose in order to evoke all the feels!
  • Surprise her by having friends and family share in the proposal. Special moments like these are always cherished even more in the presence of loved ones.
  • Hire a professional photographer. You’re both going to want to remember every single second of this moment!
  • Incorporate music into the proposal. More specifically: songs that are meaningful to both of you.
  • Get symbolic with the flowers; make a grand gesture even grander with a more personalized touch. Follow Willie’s lead of making a little Rilakkuma doll for Lavigne’s bouquet. 

And lastly, make sure she’s up for a private or public proposal before you plan something over-the-top involving a large crowd of people. Gauge her feelings on public proposals before you pop the question!

Congratulations to Willie and Lavigne for embracing their love for each other. We look forward to both of you tying the knot!