Grand Hyatt is where Yong proposed to Joanne to be his girlfriend. He chose the same place to propose to her to be his wife, which makes it all the more poetic. This spot was where Yong and Joanne begin their journey together, so what better place than here to ask her to be with him on this wonderful journey for life? The plan was to surprise Joanne. It was simple but effective: the couple goes to Grand Hyatt to celebrate Mother’s Day, where a “surprise from Grand Hyatt” leads to the couple winning a free room from a lucky draw! What’s even more exciting is that the lucky draw is just a clever ruse by Yong; the actual surprise is him getting down on one knee and proposing to Joanne!  The bedroom was littered with roses, candles, and fairy lights; encompassing the space with the most romantic atmosphere. A grid of polaroids showing the adorable couple on various adventures stood near the bedroom, where Yong would propose to her. On the grid, an envelope labeled “please read me” would quell Joanne’s curiosity. All of  Joanne’s friends and family would be waiting inside the room for her, about to celebrate the unknowing bride-to-be’s proposal. They had all written personalized blessings and wishes on balloons and hung them around the room!  It was finally time to spring the plan into action. Yong brings Joanne to their hotel room, and she is greeted with all of her loved ones unexpectedly gathered inside, seemingly ready for a party! What could they be celebrating? She would soon find out; her attention is drawn to the intriguing envelope by the polaroids. She opens it to read a sweet message from Yong about their loving relationship. Afterwards, she’s led to the bedroom where Yong is waiting for her in a heart-shaped arrangement of roses and candles, a beautiful bouquet of red roses in hand. The big moment was finally here, and he proposed! Joanne was overwhelmed with emotion as she said what Yong had been anticipating for so long: “Yes!” There was nothing left to do now but celebrate the couple’s upcoming nuptials! Yong and Joanna had a photo session with their friends and family, followed by food and drinks.       It is always a blessing to be a part of something that’s bigger than all of us: love. And it was clear to see that Yong and Joanne had nothing but love and compassion to give to each other over the rest of their lives. Congratulations to the happy couple!