A care pack that gives back! “You Got This” is an essentials kit specially curated for our dear #coronacouples. The wedding journey ahead may be tiresome and stressful, but we’d just like you to know that you’re not alone and that we’re here for you. Ever since the pandemic hit earlier this year, our team has been striving to do more; all in hopes of offering some comfort to our concerned brides and grooms, and to also do a part in supporting our community during these trying times. With much heart and thought, we’ve carefully put together this compact care kit as a token gift to you!

Mask up for a good cause!

A face mask that protects the self, saves the environment and builds lives! These chic black reusable cotton masks are handmade by refugee seamstresses from @suryabagsmalaysia. A social enterprise dedicated to supporting ethnic Karen women, each mask contributes to their income and livelihood which helps them sustain themselves and their families here in Malaysia. With a recent surge in plastic pollution due to the pandemic, we hope these reusable masks could help alleviate the negative impact on our planet and promote environmental sustainability in the long haul!

Spray your woes away!

The brainchild of @lafamebridal, Labriel antibacterial hand sanitizer comes in a slick aluminium spray can and is specially designed with the bride and groom in mind. Its mini size and spray nozzle makes it very convenient to use, plus it easily fits into small pouches and bags, just perfect for the big day (and of course, everyday use too!). Lightweight and super handy, this lavendar scented spray-nitiser is also enriched with moisturizing aloe vera extract and MoH approved. Our favourite part is that the entire bottle can also be recycled after use!

Lighten up and take a breather!

A good way to wind down after a long day. We threw in an eco-friendly soy wax candle from @dorothyscents so you can enjoy a much needed downtime with some good aromatherapy. Fill the room with this sweet and lovely cranberry scent and the aroma will have you reminiscing on the joyous times and festive cheer. Longer lasting with lesser soot production, we just love how these soy candles are much friendlier to the planet and healthier for us to breathe in too!

To all our #coronacouples, this is a simple gesture from us saying “we’re here for you”. We hope you liked the token gift and we can’t wait to journey along this path with you. Stay safe always and take care!

For more details, feel free to connect with us at hello@eventistry.my!