Food For Thought : What A Waste X Eventistry

Dear valued guests, We hope you’re having an enjoyable time so far! To add on top of your exquisite dining experience, we’re delighted to have you participate with us at our mission to combat food waste with What A Waste Malaysia (WaW) x EVENTISTRY. Here are some dining etiquette and guidelines you can follow as […]

What a Waste X Eventistry: Join Our #FoodWarrior Quest And Combat Food Waste

A perfect wedding isn’t complete without a feast galore! Dishes served on delicate silverware, and toasts are shared between family an friends to celebrate the joyous occasion – what a night to remember! However, it can be easy to get carried away to the night and more often than not, taking too much food than […]

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

This year, without a doubt, COVID-19 had us welcoming unexpected guests: post-poned weddings, the delayed launch of several service package, travel restrictions and so many more interrupted plans! One event service package we had particularly in mind to launch this year was our “Home Is Where Your Heart Is” package. We were inspired to bring […]

7 Mindful Planning Tips For A Meaningful Christmas At Home

Beyond the dazzling Christmas décors, Christmas feasts, and Michael Bublé on repeat, Christmas also rings in quality time with family and friends. December has just begun and we know you’re already busy setting aside budget for your Christmas shopping spree! Before you hit the shopping cart, take a read at these 7 mindful tips we […]

The Only 6 Tips You Ever Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Intimate Party

With the year drawing near to an end, we’re hearing the holiday bells ringing and getting all geared up with all the get-together with friends and family. Entering into the new norm today, where everything is scaled down, you may not know where to start, especially in planning an intimate and beautiful surprise party. Here […]