Chinese New Year-Themed Messy Play Kit – Play Guide

牛年快乐 Happy Moo Year


Rejoicing in the blooming festivities of the lunar new year, our CNY Themed Messy Play Kit is exclusively curated to embark your child on an a-moo-zing experiential cultural journey. The striking colours of spring, soft delicate textures and festive crackling sounds will surely wow the senses sparking your little one’s imagination and creativity. And so, the learning awaits, mess away! 


“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.”


In your box:

  1. Sensory Play Bin / Box Packaging
  2. Play Guide
  3. Beans Sensory Play
  4. 练字 (Writing Practice) 
  5. Chopsticks Fun
  6. Playdough Kit
  7. Match the Items
  8. Fire Crackers
  9. Big and Small

Beans Sensory Play 

  • Pour the beans into your sensory play bin. 
  • Scoop, sprinkle, pick up … Play along with your tools! (4 small cups, big cup, jar, funnel, chopsticks, wooden scoop.

练字 (Writing Practice) 

  • Practice makes progress!
  • Refer to the number flash cards, use your chopsticks/rolling pin to write along in the sensory play bin.

Chopsticks Fun

  • A great first introduction to chopsticks!
  • Matching the number flash cards (1-8), use the chopsticks to pick up poms poms and place them into cups. 
  • For a more advanced level, use chopsticks to pick up beans/red beans and place them into the cups. 

Playdough Kit 

  • Knead up endless fun with our handmade lavender calming play dough!
  • Feel the touch of soft dough in your hands.
  • Using the 4 themed flash cards as a dough mat, follow each picture and mould out the shapes on the card.
  • Use the tools to cut, squish and create different shapes (rolling pin, knife, stick, 3x shape cutters). 

Match the Items 

  • Flash cards with various CNY themed items (gold ingot, copper coin, cherry blossom, lantern, money packet, chopsticks).
  • Match each item with the picture on the card!
  • Learn the names of each item in chinese and english as printed on the card. An interactive learning game that parents can play along with the kids. 

Fire Crackers 

  • Pop the pom pom confetti for some festive cheer.



Big and Small 

  • Moo moo cow is missing some colours!
  • Complete the picture by matching pom poms to the circles on the mat according to its respective colours and sizes.  
  • For a challenge, use chopsticks to pick up the pom pom. Otherwise, just use your hands!
  • Colors: Red, orange, pink, yellow
  • Sizes: Big, small