Kind Words

No words can describe how grateful and thankful Yvonne Chan and I for Laverne, Juvien and Shian Yi in making our wedding such a memorable one. We know we faced lots of obstacles especially during this whole pandemic situation and we had many many conference call with your team and the venue as well. However, we are thankful for Eventistry in making sure that we are in good hands. Indeed they have been a great blessing to us from our wedding ceremony to our wedding dinner. Yvonne and I do not need to worry about the arrangements on actual day as we know that we can rely on the best wedding planner - Eventistry!


We felt overwhelmed, a part of us still hoped that the wedding could still go on as planned. We spent so much time combing through the details of the wedding and moving date, but hope seemed to have slipped away again each time with a new announcement of an MCO-extension. What helped in that season? Great friends who have been there not just for the wedding but for the marriage. Being our listening ears and sharing our excitement and disappointments. KNowing that we weren't alone in this! AND the most amazing wedding planner Eventistry! It helps so much to have professionals to advise your decisions in tough times. They were 5-steps ahead in every situation and were my pillars of strength through this anxiety inducing time. 10/10 would recomemend to all stressed out #CoronaBrides.


My husband and I had a great experience with Eventistry wedding planning services. They made our wedding day a very relaxing and happy experience, which is exactly what you want to remember about your wedding day! Do yourself (and your family) a favor by entrusting your big day to Eventistry!


We had our wedding ceremony at Bali, and reception held at our hometown in Johor. Juvien was our key person and wedding planner, who made it all happened for us. We truly appreciate all her efforts, professionalism, attention to details, friendliness, simplicity, and even going through with us all of our ever crazy demands + wish list discussions even till the wee hours of the morning! 🙏🙏 Our actual wedding day turn out to be even better than what we had hope for in our planned dream wedding! Many of our guests even commented that our wedding was certainly extraordinary, and one that left them with a beautiful lasting impression till today! But even more importantly, both me and my wife felt the same way too! All was certainly a very surreal experience for us. All thanks to Juvien! Looking back now, although both me and my wife are ourselves experienced professionals at work, but we are quite certain that we would not have made it as beautiful as it turned out, had it not been with the help of this special wedding planner! If we could turn back time, we would certainly repeat the whole process with Juvien all over again! 😊❤️🙏


Juvien and Shian Yi are the exact people you would want managing your big day! They are attentive, patient, resourceful and full of enthusiasm in all that they do. The guidance and the advise were thoughtful, relentless in their pursuit of making every event special. We especially appreciate their professionalism and calm demeanour which tells us they know what they are doing and we almost feel like such a dream that there’s no stress to planning a wedding as all have been taken care of 😅. We are forever grateful to the Eventistry team for ensuring we had the most wonderful ROM (right to the detail of the song that comes on when we said our I DOs!) and dinner party, our parents and families are comfortable and our friends enjoy themselves. If we could do it again, we would. ♥️ Thank you Juvien and team, we are forever grateful. Love,


I would like to thank the whole team for making this wedding so beautiful and memorable for me and Vicky! Our guests had the best experience. ​


Thank you so much for the wedding planning! It was like a fairy tale ❤


The night was truly splendid and we wouldn't have done it without you girls!


Many has commented that the deco are really nice. Once again thank you so much to you and your excellent team for the setup. We are very blessed :)


Thanks for helping us throughout the 3 months of massive wedding preparation!


Thank you for being with us on the planning of our wedding! We wish you all the best & thanks again!


We couldn't thank you enough for the amazing efforts you have spent on our wedding! We had a wonderful time and the wedding couldn't be as wonderful without your team!


Thank you for the help with our wedding day in Johor Bahru. Definitely took off a lot of worries off. Hope the stay in our suites was a good one and safe journey back to KL!


Two years ago today I was proposed to by Jared Lee. Right after that proposal, I was nervous as heck about planning the wedding. We gave ourselves 1 year to plan and execute it. I’m terrible at planning and Jared was too busy with his work at Grim so had to get ourselves a wedding planner. It did cost us quite a bit but it was well worth it! The moment The Wedding Project people met up with us on the first day, they already had a structure in mind on what the timeline should be like on when to get the dress, announce dates/invites to our relatives, preparing guest lists, looking for location, sourcing all the equipments, all the vendors, the lookbook/moodboard, and etc. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be that complicated I thought I only had to worry about my dress, Jared’s outfit, a dinner plan, and guest list. Despite the overwhelming amount of things that need to be sorted, somehow the planners were able to manage it in such a way that felt relaxed. Throughout the year, I barely felt any form of stress aside from just choosing my dress type, finalizing mood board and guest list. Even on our wedding day none of our family members and friend were in any way made to run around. They were already assigned with the task for the day and that was it. In fact, leading up to the wedding day, my friends and family were really worried because I had yet to ask hem for help to do anything. Both Jared and I are no sponsored by them. Just really wanted to share thought on getting a wedding planner. I’ve had tons of questions about our wedding and I honestly feel like the wedding felt great because of this crucial factor.


We would like to thank all of you; especially Juvien for all that you have done for us in preparation for our wedding as well as same day coordination. All of you were a great help and it was a pleasure working and getting to know all of you as well. Wish I could say we could have a chance to work again but we think 1 marriage is sufficient for us. Thank you all again and take care. Have the best week ahead