Kind Words

I love love love these playdoughs from Messy Play Don't Care!! They're handmade, taste-safe, non-toxic and it's chemical-free. A real bonus is that they even have lavender essential oils in them. It smells so good and the playdough doesn't get stuck in his nails because of its soft texture. So bye-bye commercial playdoughs! 👋 We're sticking with these. 🥰
gladys tan
Lavender Calming Playdough
We love our volcano activity today! Hirnya was so excited to see the volcano eruption. Mommy was excited too! ❤️ So much fun. 😊
shobana puvanendran
Dino-Mite Volcano Experiment Kit
We could do this over and over again watching the volcano erupt and fizzle with just baking soda and vinegar!
tara vl ong
Dino-Mite Messy Play Kit
Very nice starter set. The container makes it easy for storage. Worth it. Oh the smell too! Calming indeed. Thank you.
the sassy mermaid
Rainbow Treats Playdough Kit


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