Brand Ethos

Messy Play Don’t Care celebrates a child’s endless wonder and imagination!

Messy Play, also referred to as ‘sensory play’, is a hands-on activity that fully engages a child’s senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and movement.

Embracing our love for unrestricted learning through play, Messy Play Don’t Care strives to curate socially responsible and locally made sensory plays for the young.

Our thoughtfully curated play kits are made to push the boundaries of traditional play, giving children the freedom and autonomy to explore their surrounding environment without any limitations. While many of us parents tend to teach our kids NOT to make a mess, what we don’t realize is that children learn and grow from doing just that!

Play is our brain's favourite way of learning. - Diane Ackerman

Child-Centered Design

Our playdoughs are handmade with 100% non-toxic, taste safe, and gluten-free ingredients to guarantee hours of fun & safe playtime for your child. Our play kits are freshly made and tested individually for a complete sensory playtime experience for your child.

Made For Sustainability

Our Messy Play kits are curated with sustainability & long-term durability in mind. (Do we want to include this wording: Where we do use plastic, we do so with the aim that it will be loved & re-used for a long time.) All of our toys & play kits are made with natural materials and are delivered with compostable mailer bags. We’d like to encourage our customers to take part in our sustainable initiative for a mindful playtime! You will be entitled to RM 10 off in your next purchase when you return 10 playdough jars to us for recycle & reuse purposes.

Endless Combination

Just as there are no restrictions in messy play, there are no limits to our play kits! Each themed box is a distinctively exclusive set, yet the plays are interchangeable from one box to the other. All of our playkits are made for learning and carefully designed for a purposeful playtime ahead.

Community Over Competition

We believe in continuous collaborative efforts as a pillar stone to creating more fun & creative playtimes. Whether you are a toy provider, preschool, or even a parent, we welcome you to join us in our vision to developing mindful playtime through our Teammate or Funbassador initiatives. Engage with us at and we would be excited to hear from you!


Kind Words

I love love love these playdoughs from Messy Play Don't Care!! They're handmade, taste-safe, non-toxic and it's chemical-free. A real bonus is that they even have lavender essential oils in them. It smells so good and the playdough doesn't get stuck in his nails because of its soft texture. So bye-bye commercial playdoughs! 👋 We're sticking with these. 🥰
gladys tan
Lavender Calming Playdough
We love our volcano activity today! Hirnya was so excited to see the volcano eruption. Mommy was excited too! ❤️ So much fun. 😊
shobana puvanendran
Dino-Mite Volcano Experiment Kit
We could do this over and over again watching the volcano erupt and fizzle with just baking soda and vinegar!
tara vl ong
Dino-Mite Messy Play Kit
Very nice starter set. The container makes it easy for storage. Worth it. Oh the smell too! Calming indeed. Thank you.
the sassy mermaid
Rainbow Treats Playdough Kit

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