The Rare Kind Play Kit (WWF Malaysia)

The Rare Kind Play Kit will take your child on a rare adventure discovering endangered species and their wild habitats in Malaysia. This kit was exclusively designed as an early introduction to create a fondness for wildlife and awareness for wildlife conservation. Let the learning begin!

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The Rare Kind Play Kit

The Rare Kind Play Kit is bound to embark your child on a rare adventure discovering endangered species and their habitats in Malaysia. With plays exclusively designed to raise awareness on wildlife conservation, the young will get to dive into our vulnerable wildlife in an easy-to-comprehend manner through sensory play and STEAM based activities. Suitable for ages 3 and above, this kit is packed with hands-on sensory fun that the little ones will enjoy, along with wildlife fun facts that will surely pique the minds of older children!

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Special Moon Bundle

MessyPlayDontCare x ToocanPlay

Dear child, you belong among the stars 🌙✨.

Introducing our SPECIAL MOON BUNDLE in collaboration with @toocanplay! Suitable for ages 1 and above.

In this set:
1. Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me Magna-Tiles Structures by CREATEON
2. Reach For The Moon Playdough Kit

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The Wooden Playset by MessyPlayDontCare

Engage in a non-messy & amazingly fun playtime with your little one with our Baby Sensory Kit. Our sensory kit is carefully handmade to help your child explore & connect with their newly-developed senses. Embark on a fun-filled (and mess-free) sensory play experience with us and never miss an important milestone for your little one.

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