The Rare Kind Messy Play Kit

The Rare Kind Messy Play Kit is bound to embark your child on a rare adventure discovering endangered species and their habitats in Malaysia. With plays exclusively designed to raise awareness on wildlife conservation, the young will get to dive into our vulnerable wildlife in an easy-to-comprehend manner through sensory play and STEAM based activities. Suitable for ages 3 and above, this kit is packed with hands-on sensory fun that the little ones will enjoy, along with wildlife fun facts that will surely pique the minds of older children!

What’s In The Play Kit? 
  1. Wildlife Adventures Rice Sensory Play
  2. ‘Who Am I ?’ Guessing Game
  3. Color Animal
  4. Plant-A-Tree Paper Craft
  5. Slime Sensory Play
  6. ‘What Do You Sea?’ Salt Sensory Play
  7. Hatch Turtle Egg
  8. Clean The Ocean


Kit available for delivery starting October 15, 2021.

Let’s Protect The Rare Ones!

Children usually begin learning about animal extinction and wildlife protection in schools, but we believe these qualities can be cultivated even at home from a young age. A meaningful introduction to the importance of planet conservation, we wanted to develop a series of light-hearted yet educational plays that the little ones can greatly benefit from! Dedicated to Mother Earth, this wholesome pack is an embodiment of our commitment and heart for sustainability and our earth-friendly vision.

  • Local Endangered Species – Shedding light on the vulnerable creatures living in Malaysia by focusing on our local species that are under threat of extinction. 
  • Fun Facts – The perfect conversation starter! With cool graphics and bite-size facts, our custom made flash cards will get children questioning and learning through playtime. 
  • Cultivating Good Values– Learning about endangered animals is a great way for kids to build empathy and show concern for the world around them. Children have an innate desire to care for animals, and these activities will help instill an even greater love and respect for these rare creatures!

A special thank you to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Malaysia for providing us with valuable information in designing this kit!


Play Guide

  1. Adventure into the rainforests where most of our endangered species call home!
  2. Pour the sensory rice into a play bin. 
  3. Bury, scoop, mould … Play along with your animals and tools! 
  4. Add in animal toys and figurines from your home collection for some extra fun.
  5. Wooden accessories, 3x endangered animal figurine, wooden scoop, paper cup

Basic Round -Recommended for first time players

  1. Multiplayer game : 2-4 persons 
  2. Place the deck of cards at the center with the “facts” side facing up. 
  3. These facts are clues to guess the endangered animal. 
  4. Players will take turns reading out the fact clues, all players have to guess the animal. 
  5. The player that guesses correctly keeps the card. 
  6. Each card ranges from 1-3 points, corresponding to the endangered classification of the animal. 
  7. Vulnerable – 1 point, Endangered – 2 points, Critically endangered – 3 points
  8.  At the end of the game, total up the points for your cards. The player with the highest number of points wins.

Speed Round – Recommended for seasoned players

  1. Multiplayer game : 2-3 players + 1 game host.
  2. The game host will read out the fact clues.
  3. Players will have to perform an activity to answer – shout out their names/raise their hands/do the chicken dance. Fastest player to complete the activity gets the chance to guess.
  4. The player that guesses correctly keeps the card. 
  5. If the player guesses wrongly, he/she loses the turn and the remaining players get to answer. 
  6. Each card ranges from 1-3 points, corresponding to the endangered classification of the animal. 
  7. At the end of the game, total up the points for your cards. The player with the highest number of points wins.


  1. The Bornean Orangutan, Bornean Elephant and Hawksbill Turtle are endangered species living in Malaysia. 
  2. Unleash your creativity and show your care for the animals by painting them in different colours!
  3. 3x wooden animals, 1x set color pots, 1x watercolor brush.

  1. Illegal logging and deforestation of forests pose a great threat to our endangered species.
  2. Let us rehabilitate our forests and the animal habitat by replanting trees!
  3. Create a three-dimensional paper tree with this plant-a-tree paper craft. 
  4. Once complete, plant your tree in the rainforest (Wildlife Adventures Rice Sensory Play).

Journey deep down under the sea with sticky gooey slime! 

  1. Firstly, wash your hands before playing to reduce the dirt caught in your slime. Mould can develop on the slime if it is not played with clean hands on clean surfaces!
  2. Do a poke test and smell test to ensure the slime is in good condition before playing.
  3. Play with your slime quickly so it doesn’t stick to your hands. It could run between your fingers. A good idea is to play with a little bit first, before putting all of it in your hands.
  4. Add in colourful accessories like the Ocean Animal water beads and mini foam balls to level up your slime play.
  5. The Ocean Animal Water Beads can be mixed into the slime as toppings! Alternatively, you may also take them out to soak in water and watch them grow.
  6. OPTIONAL : If your slime is too sticky upon receiving your kit, add the activator in SMALL AMOUNTS. Add 3-4 drops and knead out any lumps in the slime until you are satisfied with the texture. This step is completely optional. 
  7. Refer to our slime care guide for more detailed instructions on how to store, how to get the perfect feel and more!

  1. Pour the salt sensory play into a bin. 
  2. Beautiful aqua blue colour that resembles the ocean will surely get your child’s attention, let them dig their hands into the salt to feel the texture. 
  3. Bury, scoop, mould … Play along with the pebbles, shells, turtle buttons and wooden tweezer. 
  4. Add in animal figurines for some extra fun!
  5. When playtime is over, pour the contents back into the jar for easy storage. Keep in a cool dry place. 
  6. Reuse this ocean sensory play for the Clean The Ocean mission!

  1. Place the Turtle Egg onto a tray. 
  2. Use the pipette and drop the red coloured solution on the egg to hatch baby turtle! 


The Science Behind The Fun:

  • The coloured solution is vinegar, an acid, and the turtle egg is made of baking soda, a base. 
  • When the acid (vinegar) and the base (baking soda) are mixed together, a chemical reaction happens! 
  • This reaction results in a new substance being made, a gas called carbon dioxide, which gives off the fizzy bubbles that you see. 
  • A simple scientific experiment for young children that involves all 3 states of matter : solid (baking soda), liquid (vinegar), and gas (carbon dioxide).

  1. Help the sea animals clean up their home! 
  2. This play is meant to teach children on the items that pollute our seas through a bin-sized ocean cleanup mission. 
  3. Using Salt Sensory Play as the ocean, place the pollutant icon cards around the sensory bin.
  4. To better emulate ocean pollution, you can also use everyday waste around your house for this play. 
  5. Add in pieces of food wrapper, bubble wrap, styrofoam and more into the salt ocean sensory bin for a more realistic experience. 
  6. A bonding activity between parents and children, ask your little one to identify the pollutants, pick them up using chopsticks or tweezers, and “throw” them into a trash bag. Emphasising the correct way to dispose of waste.
  7. For younger children, parents can also help read out the flash cards while they clean up the ocean.
Extra Play Idea : Memory Matching Game
  1. Suitable for 2 players. 
  2. Shuffle the mini pollutant icon cards. 
  3. Lay them out face down on a table. 
  4. The first player chooses a card and carefully turns it over. Then, select another card and turn it over. If the two cards are a matching pair (eg: 2 styrofoam cards)  then the player gets to keep both cards.
  5. If the cards are not a match, flip them back over and the next player gets to take their turn. 
  6. The goal is to remember which cards are where.
  7. The player with the most pairs wins the game. 

More About The Rare Kind


  • 2 years and above

 The Rare Kind Messy Play Kit (8 plays) 

  1. Wildlife Adventures Rice Sensory Play
  2. ‘Who Am I ?’ Guessing Game
  3. Color Animal
  4. Plant-A-Tree Paper Craft
  5. Slime Sensory Play
  6. ‘What Do You Sea?’ Salt Sensory Play
  7. Hatch Turtle Egg
  8. Clean The Ocean

Packaging & Product Dimensions

  • 30cm x 22cm x10cm 

Care Guide

  • Store toys in a safe environment and avoid direct sunlight
  • Regularly check materials before each playtime
  • Adult supervision during playtime is advised
  • Refer to slime care guide here
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