Truly Intimate Experience
Journey with EVENTISTRY in a renewed wedding experience curated for the Modern Day couple.

Planning A Micro-Wedding but Don’t Know Where To Start?
Tired of Postponements After Postponements?

The COVID-19 phase has forced many couples to pause their long-awaited big day. And for us as Wedding Professionals, we had to pivot into new ways & solutions to ensure that our couples still get to celebrate their nuptials even in these challenging times.

We know the heartache of postponements and some having to cancel their wedding altogether. But it doesn’t always have to be that way.
Journey with us as we introduce to you a new way to celebrate – and we promise it’s going to be exciting!


Inspired by the concept of “elopement”, our renewed wedding package, Truly Intimate Experience (or we would love to call it as #TIEwithEventistry) was birthed out of the simplicity of intimacy. It is a wedding celebration revisited: as we dive deep into the very core of how celebrations are meant to be.

You can think of #TIEwithEventistry as a wedding getaway: a stripped-down version of a wedding celebration without distractions and one where you can celebrate it like how you want it to be.

Whether you are looking to renew your vows or if you’re planning a micro-wedding, Truly Intimate Experience is the perfect wedding package for couples looking for a new way to celebrate but without sacrificing all the important elements that makes a wedding!

Your Wedding,
Your Experience

Tie The Knot In Just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Select Your Package

Choose from 2 of our carefully curated packages based on the guest size you have in mind. 

Step 2
Choose Your Location

With 4 venue selections for the perfect wedding getaway – choose a location that you’ll think will best suit your wedding theme & vision!

Step 3
Fill Up Our Contact Form

Let us know your preferences in our contact form and our team will get in touch with you.

What’s Included In The Package?


Truly Intimate Experience by Eventistry
RM 4800.00

  • Up to 3 hours service hours of Wedding Planning & Coordination with our team of experienced Wedding Coordinators (1 Event Manager + 1 Event Coordinator)
    • Providing our clients a stress-free wedding experience had always been at the heart of our work. Our team of experienced coordinators will help plan out a full-day itinerary for you – with no details left out! 
  • Photography
    • What makes our modern wedding package stands out from the rest is the intimate photography session that you’ll be getting. Our package includes up to 3 hours of service hours of photography session with 1 photographer.
    • You’ll get back a minimum of 250 soft-copy return fully edited and in hi-res!
  • Make-up & Hair Styling 
    • Share with us your wedding hairdo and make-up inspirations and let our professional make-up artists bring it to life!
  • Bouquet & Boutonniere
    • We will help advise suitable themes of personal flowers that are in line with the overall theme of your wedding.
  • One Night Stay for 2 in your selected choice of hotel staycation
  • Dining for 2 in your selected choice of dining Menu

*Package does not include decorations


Truly Intimate Experience with Wedding Ceremony by Eventistry
RM 8800.00

  • Up to 3 hours service hours of Wedding Planning & Coordination with our team of experienced Wedding Coordinators (1 Event Manager + 1 Event Coordinator). We will plan out a full-day Wedding itinerary with a Wedding Ceremony for you. Let us know if you’d like to incorporate any traditional wedding elements into your modern wedding package and we will plan your wedding just like how you have envisioned it to be.
  • Photography
    • Just like in any wedding bash, your modern wedding experience also comes with gorgeous photography sessions. Our package includes up to 3 hours of service hours with 1 professional wedding photographer.
    • You’ll get a minimum 250 soft-copy return fully edited and in hi-res.
  • Make-up & Hair Styling
    • Share with us your wedding hairdo and make-up inspirations and our professional make-up artists will help bring it to life!
  • Bouquet & Boutonniere
    • We’ll help advise suitable themes of personal flowers that are in line with the overall theme of your wedding.
  • One Night Stay for up to 12 pax in your selected choice of hotel staycation
  • Dining for up to 12 pax in your selected choice of dining Menu

*Package does not include decorations

Choose Your Modern Wedding Getaway

1. Sky Suite @ KLCC

Lounge in this modern stay located in the heart of KL with modern city skylines painted as the backdrop of your stay. Located in the vicinity is also the hotel’s iconic Sky Park with a city view that is not to be missed!

2. The Ormond Hotel 

2 Unit of The Towkay-Soh Suite for 1 Night Room Service

Also known as ‘The Chow Kit’, this boutique hotel never disappoints with it’s unique stay that takes it’s customers back to the golden 60’s & 70’s era. An adventure awaits at your stay in The Ormond Hotel.

3. Escape23 @ Damansara Heights 

This 3-storey vintage Bungalow makes the perfect family stay. Make happy memories with your loved ones like taking a stroll in the Bungalow’s very own garden with over 25 floral species or just simply enjoying the spacious living area at the vicinity.

4. Sekeping Jugra

Retreat into this hidden gem built in the 1950’s. Featuring eight courtyards in a single-storey house surrounded by a wide pool. Perfect for the private celebration with family & friends!

We Promise More Than Just A Wedding.
We Promise An Experience.

A wedding experience that is both beautiful and mindful. Take part in our journey to #SustainableEvents as we incorporate ways to celebrate more responsibly in your wedding planning!

We make sure to go the extra mile when it comes to creating the wedding of your dreams. We work with a wide portfolio of wedding professionals to ensure that your celebration is nothing less than perfect.

Leave the heavy work to us – all you need to do is be present and enjoy your big day. We look into the minute details and make sure you’d have a stress-free wedding planning experience.


Just A Couple More Things
To Keep In Mind…


Is the Registration of Marriage License included in the package?

Our wedding package does not include registra fees as Malaysia’s National Registration Department (JPN) only allows the couple themselves to register for their marriage license.

What is included in the dining menu?

The dining menu will be based on the wedding staycation that you’ve chosen. For Escape23 & Sekeping Jugra, we will introduce to you our own private dining menu.

Can I suggest my own staycation? / Can we have the celebration at our house?

Yes, totally! As it is your wedding experience, we will customize the wedding package based on your requirements and will propose to you a revised quotation.

How long in advance before my preferred wedding date do I need to confirm with your wedding service?

We would advise our couples to book with us as soon as possible for us to secure your wedding date. We understand due to the pandemic, situations can change very easily. Do contact us soonest possible if you’re looking to plan your wedding in a short period of time. We will do our best to assist.

Will there be any additional charges if my wedding date is postponed?

We understand the possibility of postponements due to the COVID-19 situation. Hence, we will not incur additional charges to our clients for postponed dates. We would usually encourage our clients to give us 2-3 weeks time leeway for us to quickly work out a Plan B for your wedding.

I have my own preferred wedding vendors. Could you contact them?

Yes, of course! We will help source from your preferred vendors, however, costs may incur for additional personalization works.

What would the rough timeline of the wedding day be like?

We will curate your Wedding Day itinerary based on your requirement. Hence, every couple is a different experience!
Generally, your wedding day could look like any of these schedules:

Schedule 1: JPN Signing – Check-in – Couple Portrait – Exchange of Vows – Dinner 

Schedule 2: JPN Signing – Check-in – Tea Ceremony – Lunch 

Schedule 3: Exchange of Vows – Tea Ceremony – Dinner

Schedule 4: First Look – Exchange of Vows – JPN Signing – Dinner 

Can I add-on additional wedding vendors into my package? Eg: Videographer, Decorators etc..?

Yes, you may. We will assist to source for vendors according to the items that you would like to add-on to your wedding. Do note, however, that these optional items are not included in the total package sum and will incur additional costs.

Can I have more guests?

Due to the pandemic situation, we’ve had to create a streamlined system that keeps everyone safe and healthy. This is to keep the well-being and happiness of you and your guests as our top priority.

The maximum capacity will be based on the government announcement from time to time. Our private staycation has allocated a certain amount of number of guests per room based on SOP applied. 

For your wedding ceremony, we’ve curated the seating to be picture-perfect and in accordance with
 SOP. Each chair will be cleaned in between services for everyone’s comfort and safety.

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