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“It’s impossible to find a makeup artist that’s 100% eco- friendly here in Malaysia.” That’s what many have said to us when we talk about our vision for green weddings. Though a fully green makeup artist may be impossible to find, a mindful makeup artist is not!

We first got to know Shuen when we worked on a styled shoot together in Rawa Island. After a few light conversations getting to know each other, we found out that she shared similar values and a love for the planet like us! Shuen goes the extra mile to incorporate “earth- friendly, less waste” approaches in her makeup practice. We were even more impressed when we got to witness her work first- hand during the styled shoot where she created various beautiful looks. Not only is she easy- going and a joy to work with, her style of makeup is natural- looking yet highlights a person’s beauty; so when it came to curating our ‘Love Not Wasted’ green wedding package, we knew exactly who we wanted to work with!

Something that gives us confidence and joy should also bring good to the planet we live on. Shuen shared with us some of her thoughts and insights of being a ‘less waste’ makeup artist!

The Challenge

There are various reasons why it’s hard to ensure a makeup look is 100% eco- friendly. One of the main challenges being not enough solutions to the problem. According to Zero Waste Week, the cosmetics industry generates more than 120 billion units of packaging globally, contributing to a large amount of plastic waste produced each year. Despite the increasing environmental pollution, very few cosmetic brands have actually taken the initiative to use recyclable packaging or go packaging- free. Besides, there are also very limited options for eco- friendly cosmetic products sold here. Many have criticized the $532billion dollar (and counting) industry for not putting in more effort on researching and producing more environmentally- friendly products. Shuen mentioned that despite her strong desire to use eco- friendly makeup, these product formulas are still very much lacking behind and are not long- lasting, making it hard to achieve the desired look.

The Goal

Despite the many limitations, Shuen stays true to her goal to eliminate as much as waste as possible through her art and she urges everyone to do the same! You don’t have to practice a zero- waste approach in your daily makeup routine, just being more conscious of the way you purchase and make use of products is already a good step. She encourages everyone to try their very best to extend the life of all their makeup, rather than purchasing new products every now and then but never able to finish them.

The Guide To An Earth- Loving Look

  1. Cruelty- free products
    Shuen much prefers cruelty- free certified products that ensures no animals are harmed during the making process.
  2. Minimize use of cotton pad/ cotton bud
    She tries her best to reduce the use of cotton pads and cotton buds. For one complete bridal look, she usually uses only two cotton pads and one cotton bud if necessary, no tissue at all unless required. She also encourages her clients to bring their own reusable cotton pads if they have them.
  3. Handkerchief
    Instead of using large amounts of tissues each time, she swaps them out for handkerchiefs; a reusable and much more sustainable alternative.
  4. False Lashes
    Shuen uses makeup techniques to enhance her client’s eyelashes rather than immediately opting for faux ones. As faux lashes are one- time use only, she tries her best to avoid using them unless needed to create the desired look.
  5. Hair Accessories
    All hair pins and ornaments used to create glamorous bridal hairstyles are on rental basis. They can be reused for the next look after theyve been returned.
  6. Brush Cleaning
    Shuen uses her homemade soap to clean all brushes after every use. It contains only coconut oil, lye and coffee grounds, and is very effective in keeping her tools in good condition.
  7. Recycling
    She takes the effort to recycle all empty product bottles and packaging after use, even the little plastic boxes for false lashes!

Photography // Ryimage Photography