Playdough Kit Play Guide

Our homemade playdough is softer than store-bought, and promises to bring hours of fun through sensory and creative play. For an extra twist, our Lavender Calming Playdough is lightly scented with lavender essential oil that will instantly stimulate both the mind and mood.

Together with easy-to-wipe flashcards and grip-friendly shape cutters, this kit will unleash your child’s imagination as they squeeze, roll and make different cutouts.

The learning awaits so messy away!

  1. Cut, mould, and make different shapes with your shape cutters (if any) and tools
  2. Themed flash cards (if applicable) for a round of quick learning. You may also use the cards as a picture guide for your playdough making. Just mould your playdough on the flash cards and have fun!
  3. Remember to store playdough back into the container when not in use. Check out our playdough care guide here.
  4. Our playdough kit is generally suitable for ages 1 and above. There may be some small loose parts so parent supervision at all time or you may remove the small loose parts for your toddler to enjoy the playdough kit.

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